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Chicago Half Marathon Training Update

I forgot that Mel’s Miles is a running blog and not my personal diary 😉 It’s about time for an update on my running! I did mention some ideas I had about training for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 7th, which is about 8 weeks away. My main goals were to complete a speedy run and a long run each week. I already sort of failed at this, but I still am running a little more than I was at the beginning of my Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon training. 20140715-195001-71401341.jpg

I<3 Running

Here’s how I did during the first 2 weeks of training:

Week 1


As you can see, there was a whole lot of nothing at the beginning of the week.  By Thursday, I realized that I would never be able to make my Pact if I didn’t get my act together.  I had 2 awesome 3 milers and did my 6 mile long run! None of the runs were particularly speedy, so I didn’t make my goal of completing a tempo or interval run. Boo.

Week 2


During week 2, I did 4x400s on Tuesday followed by some weights (so rare!).  On Wednesday, Oksana and I attended my uncle’s yoga class.


Two pictures of my feet in one post. Gross.

Oksana and I also ran 5 miles on Friday.  I knew running on the weekend was never going to happen because I had plans to go camping. My long run was supposed to be 7 miles, but I decided to cut it down to 5 miles because it was getting dark. Running in the dark really freaks me out, but I did it all the time back when I was marathon training 2 years ago. I guess my sense of self preservation increased with old age 😛

My Current Thoughts and Feelings About Training

My training looks pretty lackluster on paper, as it often does. However, I’m very happy with how things are going.  This is merely the beginning of training and I already am doing more than I usually do 2 months before a race.  It would be nice if I did more strength training and made it to yoga class consistently. My new yoga mat has motivated me to practice yoga more often, but I want to attend every single week without fail.  Currently, the biggest struggle is figuring out how to fit in long runs.  Weekend activities are really hard for me to turn down, which affect my ability to get outside early in the morning.  Puking after that hot/hungover 8 miler scarred me for life when it comes to running in the afternoon on hot days.

I’m not sure when I’ll post another training update. I posted them on an almost weekly basis during Shamrock Shuffle 8k training and honestly found the updates to be pretty dull.  I feel like I have more to say if my training updates are posted every 2 weeks. Maybe that’s what I’ll do!

Who has a fun track workout for me to do?

How do you fit in long workouts on the weekend and have a social life?!