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Camping and Lots of Driving

The title of this post is basically how I spent my weekend. I drove for hours and camped for one night, but it was completely worth the effort. First, let’s back up a little because I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve provided you with a proper update on my life 🙂 On Thursday night, my cousin Oksana and I got together to write up some guest posts! Last month, Oksana gave me a makeover. It was exciting to finally read about how she did my makeup in a guest post on my very own blog.  I wrote a post for Oksana’s blog, Othingsbeauty, about how I motivate myself to exercise. It was so much fun to stray from my regular blogging routine! Guest posting is pretty cool. 20140714-115456-42896163.jpg

Families that blog together, stay together.

Another cool thing that happened was that I won a giveaway for Skoop from Sweet Miles! Skoop is a plant-based powder that can be mixed with water, milk, or really anything else. Skoop is full of superfoods, which can be hard for self-proclaimed lazy people (like me) to fit into their diets. SO COOL. I can’t believe I actually won something 😀



I also won a blender bottle, which is exciting because I’ve never owned one until now!!

To balance out all the superfoods I ingested on Friday morning, I got a free Slurpee around lunchtime because it was 7/11 😉 My favorite flavor is a mix of blue raspberry and cherry!


A group of friends were all going camping in Wisconsin from Friday through Sunday.  I waffled over whether I would go or not for weeks because I had to work a half day on Saturday.  Being the social butterfly that I am, I wound up packing my bags on Friday night so they would be ready to go by the time I finished work on Saturday. I made it through the 3+ hour drive and arrived to the campsite before dark. Winner!

I missed swimming and other fun activities on Saturday, but I also missed a downpour! Well, I was driving to the campsite during the downpour, BUT I didn’t have to be outside during it 😉


I cooked my creepy vegetarian hotdogs (haha) and s’mores over the fire while hanging out with old and new friends.  Sleeping outside is more relaxing than I remembered, but actual bathrooms would have been nice, lol! We didn’t even have an outhouse at our campsite. I guess that’s the way camping should be, right? 😉 The long drive and lack of cell reception made for a peaceful time. I really needed to unplug.  Sadly, this means that I didn’t take my next photo until a stop at Target on my way home. Andy and I needed some frozen pizzas after only eating PB&Js and hotdogs for so many hours in a row. We are the picture of health. Thank goodness I have Skoop now, haha. 20140714-115135-42695560.jpg

My happy place. Except this is my least favorite Target because they don’t sell alcohol.

I feel rejuvenated after that short camping trip and ready to take on the week!

Do you enjoy camping? 

What is your favorite Slurpee flavor?

Have you ever won a giveaway?