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Guest Post! Lazy Girl Beauty Tips! Featuring Othingsbeauty!

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup!  

  Hey everybody! I’m Oksana from, and today I am going to share with you some beauty tips for those of you who don’t wear a lot of makeup, and/or don’t have a lot of time to spend to do makeup . For this post, I did makeup on Melissa from Mel’s Miles (hence why I’m posting on her blog!) She will be discussing running/exercise motivation tips at Othingsbeauty today.    

 TIPS! 1. Concealer vs foundation. Foundation takes time to blend in (unless you’re going for the “cake face” look). If you want a bit more coverage than just concealer then try out a Tinted Moisturizer. Unless you really feel like you need foundation, then I would suggest to skip it for a regular basis. Concealer generally has better coverage (since it’s literally meant to hide any blemish/discoloration etc.) * For Melissa’s makeup since she has nice skin to begin with I just applied some concealer under her eye’s to brighten up that area, and on any blemishes.            

  2. Bronzer is a girl’s  best friend. Bronzer over powder. Even though I have oily skin, I almost never wear powder (except occasionally in my t-zone).  Powder is a tricky  product to work with,and if not applied correctly, it can make the skin appear dull,  and look worse than without makeup. Instead I usually apply bronzer to scuplt, and add some life back to my skin. I have been suggesting Melissa to wear bronzer for the longest time! I applied bronzer  on the sides of her forhead, beneath her cheek bones, and underneath the jaw. Basically, I applied bronzer anywhere the sun would naturally cast a shadow on.   * Apply bronzer on  the sides of the face (follow the diagram below, blue represents where bronzer will go!)          The Physician’s Formula Bronzer Booster Bronzer , and NYC’s Sunny Bronzer are   some of my all time favorites           (I borrowed this picture from Google,the original source is  

    3.  Blush,Blush,Blush! Blush is a great way to high light the cheek bones, and bring some life to the face. *For Melissa, I applied the Physcian’s Formula Blush. However, you can also use Bronzer AS Blush! * Smile, and apply bronzer to the apples of your cheeks but DO NOT Bring It too Close to the center of the face. Follow the diagram below (don’t judge my drawing skills, the point is the blush! :P).  

  4. One-shade eyeshadow!   Applying eyeshadow does not have to be complicated, nor does it really require makeup artist skills.Simply applying one shade all over the lid, and into crease can give the same effect as using a variety of shadows. * For Melissa’s makeup I lightly* applied a brown shade all over her eye lid because brown is a great color for  enhancing her blue eyes! Brown eyeshadow also works well on Green and Blue eyes. Purple shadow works well on Green, Hazel, and Brown eyes.   * Apply the Brown Shade all over the eyelid but not too close to the brow-bone (follow the diagram below).       

    5. Eyebrows Frame the Face Normally  I’d recommend to fill in the eyebrows, but I know most people do not have the time for that. So instead of filling in, I recommend setting them with either a clear gel, or a TINTED brow gel.

  6.  Tinted Lip Balm! Forget lipstick, and lipgloss, just go for a tinted lip balm instead! It will give you the color of a lipstick, the comfort of a chapstick, and the shine of  a lipgloss! * The Burt’s Bees Tinted LipBalm in Pink Blossom is one of my all time favorites!!    

  7. Mascara! Mascara is kind of an obvious one. It can make your entire face look better. However, black mascara isn’t always better. I recommend trying a brown-black mascara for a less-harsh look. Tip: Apply Mascara as close to the upper lash line as possible to give the effect of eyeliner!  

Finished Makeup Look!