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10 Tips for Running Motivation

Hi, everyone! My name is Melissa and I blog at Mel’s Miles, where I write about my life and the races I run.  I’m so excited for the opportunity to guest post on Othingsbeauty! Oksana wrote a post on my blog today about makeup for lazy people, so I thought I would write a post about exercise motivation.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little bit lazy and frequently find ways to half-ass my running training plans. horizontalrunning My goal is usually to run 3 times per week.  The times I have been most successful in keeping up with my running schedule involved the following tips: 1. Have your supplies ready the night before a workout. I can’t even tell you how many times I planned to pack my gym bag in the morning before work, only to run out of time and need to leave before I can do so.  My gym is close to my work, but about 30 minutes from home.  Not having my clothes ready means having to skip the gym. 2. Lace up your shoes! Simply putting on your running shoes makes it 10 times easier to get your butt outside. Trust me, it works. Having the shoes on means you can step right outside and start running! 20140511-191709.jpg 3. Get outside, even if it’s only for “5 minutes.” This goes right along with lacing up your running shoes because it is an easy way to start sweating. If I don’t feel well (or am feeling lethargic), then I sometimes convince myself to go to the gym or get out for a run by cutting a workout short.  For example, I might have a 45 minute run scheduled, but will tell myself that I can try tunning for 5 minutes and turn around if it hurts too much. If the first 5 minutes feel OK, then I’ll run another 5 minutes.  Getting out the door obviously makes it more likely that I’ll complete my entire 45 minute workout, or at least come close to it. 4. Buy new gear. Nothing is more exciting to me than running in a new pair of shorts or a new tank top for the first time.  I recently received a new yoga mat for my birthday, which has lead me to practice yoga more often. 20140620-091325-33205163.jpg   5. Find a workout buddy. Oksana and I have been workout buddies for years.  Not only do we both love to run, but we have a membership to the same gym as well.  It’s great to catch up with a good friend (or two!) and fit in a workout at the same time. 20140320-202743.jpg 6. Register for a goal race. When I first got into running, I signed up for a 5k.  I already had the ability to run 3.1 miles, but I wanted to run fast. To do this, I chose a training plan I found in a fitness magazine to follow.  Whenever I felt too lazy to run, I thought about how badly I wanted to finish strong in the race.  I loved training so much that I ran a marathon 2 years later! chicagomarathon 7. Get a pedometer. I’ve had a really good experience with my Fitbit, which is a pedometer that connects to smartphones.  Users are encouraged to reach 10,000 steps per day, which is more likely to happen on the days when I run 🙂 20140220-160427.jpg 8. Keep a log of your training. I usually make an Excel spreadsheet of my training plan and cross off the workouts I manage to complete as I go along.  Along with Excel spreadsheets, I track my workouts on DailyMile, which is a great place to meet other runners and cheer them on as they train.  Seeing your progress on paper is surprisingly motivating. 9. Find new places to exercise. I get tired of running on the same trail every time I exercise.  Luckily, I have a car and can drive to different locations. Sometimes, I feel the need to head over to the beach.  Other times, running around an indoor track is fun.  My goal is to always have new things to see while I run. 20140217-194044.jpg 10. Switch up your workouts to keep things interesting. If you don’t feel like running, do something completely different. How about that Zumba class? Or what about lifting weights? If you want to switch up the type of run you do, it might be fun to try a track workout like this one:


Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you find some great tips for running motivation! For more about my running, stop by my blog at Mel’s Miles 😀