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The Fashionista Award

Fashionista-Award Oksana of Othingsbeauty nominated me for another award: The Fashionista Award! Thanks, girl! You’re the best cousin ever for nominating me, even though I’m clearly not a fashionable person. I mean, I suppose I do dress fashionably for running sometimes. For example: 20140330-153109.jpg

Werkin’ that tutu.

Time for the questions!

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

As I mentioned in my Sunshine Award post, I have been journaling online ever since middle school.  Yes, that means I’ve been blogging for over a decade #old.  To get into more detail, when I graduated from college, it took me a couple months to land a full-time job, so I got myself a hobby: RUNNING. I have been running since early high school, but this was my first time training for races.  I read some healthy living and running blogs to figure out how to eat and train for optimal performance.  I also took extensive notes about my training on Tumblr, which has such a close-knit community of runners and fitness enthusiasts.  On Tumblr, I fell in love with writing and tracking my progress towards my fitness goals. This January, I bought a domain and am now self-hosted! Woo.

2) Favorite movies?

My all-time favorite movie is Bridget Jones’s Diary.  There’s something about Colin Firth telling Renee Zellweger that he likes her “just as she is” that resonates with me.  Probably because I’m weird and feel lucky that Andy enjoys my company 😉

3) What is your dream career?

I would love to write self-help books and be a wellness coach in a private practice.  It would also be fun to teach yoga on the side and even incorporate that into my counseling practice.  My goal is to have a variety of jobs in my future and do different things on different days.  I don’t like to put all of my eggs in one basket and I want to be my own boss. No matter what, I want to work with people and help them meet their goals.

4) Top wish list items at the moment?

I really want to read Never Have I Ever by Katie Heaney, but my library doesn’t have a copy and I am too cheap to buy one.

A new dress would be nice for a wedding I’m attending in October.  Perhaps something from Modcloth.

I want a gym bag because my current one is just a plastic bag from Target, HA.

My biggest wish list item is a new apartment because I’ve been living in mine for over 2 years and am sick of it. Too bad I can’t afford anything better until graduation next year…

5) Favorite television shows?

Suits, Parenthood, and America’s Next Top Model.  If we are talking about shows that are no longer on the air, then Sex and the City is always at the top of my list.

6) What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Thrift shops, baby! TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are pretty great, too.  Actually, I am probably at Target more than anywhere else.

7) Favorite fashion designers?

Umm, no clue… again, how did I win this award?

8) Describe your dream vacation?

There are several places on my bucket list, including Peru, Las Vegas, Australia, Canada (I’ve never been!), and Spain.  However, after next year, I’ll have 3 years of full-time work and grad school under my belt. I want an all-inclusive trip to Mexico. It’s non-negotiable. I WILL treat myself for graduation 😉

9) What are the goals for your blog?

I just want a place to write about my running and a little bit about my life.  This will be my virtual scrapbook of my best (and some of my worst) times.  I want to document my running and talk about what works for me.  I also want to meet others who are on similar (or different!) journeys.  I hope the blog inspires me to step outside of my comfort zone more often and push myself harder than I think I can go. So far, it has!  A short-term goal I have is to update my layout.  Clearly, my blog’s appearance needs a redesign.  The one I have was supposed to be temporary (I was itching to start posting!) and it’s still up after 7 months *sigh*

10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

MOLLY SHANNON. Even though we already met.


Your turn! Answer any of these questions 😀

What is your dream vacation?

Why did you start blogging?

What are your blogging goals?

What is your dream job?