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4th of July Weekend Happenings

I suppose it’s back to reality after a weekend of fun. Good thing my reality isn’t so bad 😀 My holiday weekend was full of many activities!  On Thursday, which counts as the weekend because it is my regular day off, I got to see my good friends, Brigit and Iris.  The three of us walked around their neighborhood, ate gelato, and checked out an adorable book store.  My dad went out of town and my mom is still at the rehab center, so after my day date with Brigit and Iris, I headed over to the house and fed Molly The Cat. 20140706-165805-61085823.jpg

Cutest cat ever 😀

On Friday, I ran 3 miles around my old neighborhood, dropped some things off to my mom, and drove out to the South suburbs to spend the holiday with Andy and his family.


Yay for checking out my old stomping grounds by foot!

Andy’s aunt hosted a lovely barbecue that included a few vegetarian options for me. I always feel like such a horrible person for making people feel like they’re going out of their ways to feed me.  I’m probably just projecting my fears onto them, though 🙂

My favorite thing about Andy’s family is that they love to play board games.  The best part is that they often let me decide which game we play! I obviosly chose Cranium because it is the best game ever invented. There were also amazing slushies at this party, which definitely improved my Cranium skills.  Our team won, so this is a completely true statement.

20140706-165806-61086723.jpgThat night, Andy, his younger brother, and I made our way to their hometown fireworks display.  Sadly, I drove back to Chicago as soon as the show ended because I had to go into work on Saturday morning.

Work flew by and then I got to spend the rest of the day with my BFF Britta and her mom (my second mom ever since preschool!) on Saturday. We went to Evanston and browsed a small bookstore for awhile. Yes, that does mean I went to two bookstores over the course of three days. I have an addiction to buying books now.  My excuse is that most of the books are self-help books, which might be useful for my future clients. At least I didn’t buy a single book in those two trips, but my Amazon account has seen more action than usual these days 😉


I spotted my first real life Operation Beautiful note in Evanston!

Britta cooked us ravioli for dinner, which was fantastic.


This is Britta!

We watched White Oleander and ate ice cream after dinner. It was a pretty fantastic evening 🙂

On Sunday, I finally decluttered my livingroom.  I am one of the messiest people in the world, so when I clean it is definitely a blogworthy and monumental event! I also ran 6 miles.  Training for my fall half marathon is actually happening. I couldn’t be more thrilled with myself. Maybe I really will run a sub-2!!!

What did you do this weekend?