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I Just Can’t Get Enough

Remember how I mentioned in my last post that I was excited to finally spend a weekend in Chicago? Well, guess where I ended up on Saturday after work?

20140623-112837-41317978.jpg Wisconsin, for the fourth weekend in a row! I thought it was the fifth time, but I forgot that the first wedding Andy and I attended was in Chicago. It felt like we went out of town, though, because I was so exhausted from it. I need a weekend from my weekends! This time, I wasn’t in WI to visit friends. It was for a DOG competition! Specifically, my dad’s dog and my aunt’s two dogs competed in agility. My cousin Kat and I went as assistants/spectators šŸ™‚

20140623-113231-41551161.jpg This is the only photo I took of the course. My dad and aunt have two shelties each (only one of my dad’s dogs competed this weekend, though) and I was watching BFF Britta’s pug this weekend!

20140623-113426-41666914.jpg Ruby plopped herself down on the grass during a walk on Sunday, baha! We stayed overnight in Racine, WI before the competition. There were 5 dogs and only 4 people! We were outnumbered šŸ™‚ The competition went from 8am until 5pm. Sadly, we were all awake by 5am. I was exhausted, but it was so great to spend all day with the family. All of the dogs did AWESOME! Kelly, my dad’s dog, won a ton of first place awards and even made it to the next level on several of the courses.

20140623-114404-42244283.jpg Recycled picture, but this is Kelly with other awards she won. The competition was very close to Milwaukee, which is where Sara lives! She ended up watching the end of the competition and then we went out to the bar her husband works at. Outdoor seating was perfect because Ruby could be there while we ate.

20140623-114156-42116873.jpg I had my first hard root beer!! I drove back to Chicago, dropped Ruby off, and Britta showed me all the pictures she had from the wedding she was in this weekend. I passed out after that because I was so sleepy. I swear, I am not going anywhere or doing anything next weekend! I love keeping busy and seeing people, but I need some time to relax. Does anyone else skip town as much as I have been lately?