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Hit and Run 5k {Giveaway CLOSED}

HitandRun Hi, everyone! I just have to tell all of you about an obstacle race that sounds ridiculously fun: the Hit and Run 5k. 600_0855 What makes Hit and Run unique compared to other obstacle races is that their obstacles are huge bounce houses! Some of the bounce houses include water, slides, bridges, balance beams, and even foam! This race looks like the perfect activity to do with friends and family. Foam-Blizzard-Slopes Success-Slide-Three-Wobble Incredible_slip (1) Anyone older than 10-years-old can register for Hit and Run! Additionally, there is no pressure for any runner to complete every single obstacle or run super fast.  Hit and Run is made for people of all abilities. Friends and family are also invited to take pictures of the runners as they complete each obstacle! _LLC5649 DSC_2809 Group-Exit-Balance Check out the video below for even more evidence that Hit and Run is an absolute blast!

  Now for my favorite part… a race entry GIVEAWAY! Not only do I get to do a race entry giveaway for you guys, but the entry can be for ANY Hit and Run location! Hit and Run has multiple locations throughout the U.S. You can see if there is one near you by clicking here. Many of my readers are from Chicago, so I just wanted to mention that Chicago’s Hit and Run 5k is at Toyota Park on July 5th. But, again, any reader from any location can enter! To enter, leave a comment to this post about which obstacle looks the most exciting! The giveaway will go until June 18, 2014 at 12:00 AM CST and the winner will be announced in next Wednesday’s post. Good luck! 🙂