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Busy Bee

Fun fact: I do not own a planner. I put a few important tasks in my iPhone calendar, but otherwise I keep most tasks in my head. Now that I’m taking a 6-week-long class, there is a lot more to do than I am used to. I need a planner, but am too cheap. Every time I go to Target, I look at the $10 price tag and wonder if buying a planner would be a waste of money. It would be like throwing $10 down the drain. Sure, it’s not much money, but I could enjoy a nice meal for that. Food is important to me 😉 Anyway, I think I need to try the planner thing again. I read somewhere that writing things down decreases anxiety. So, I will kiss my $10 goodbye and see what happens. Staying organized has been on my mind lately because life has been pretty crazy. Summer classes are more condensed, I attended two weddings in a row, one of which involved being out of town for 3 days, and tomorrow I’m going out of town again to run Ragnar! I’m scrambling to finish assignments, go to work, pack, and more. Things should slow down after I run the Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon next weekend, but for now, I am overbooked. I also celebrated a birthday! Last Thursday, I turned 26. My BFF Britta cooked me dinner on Wednesday night and Andy took me out on Thursday night. 20140604-100856-36536464.jpg Delicious meal from Britta! 20140604-101029-36629219.jpg Pizza with Andy 🙂 Each of them got me a cake <3 I'll be celebrating with my parents later because I had a wedding to go to from Friday-Sunday in Milwaukee. Tim and Sara celebrated 10 years together with a fantastically fun and highly personalized wedding. I don’t feel like it’s my place to do a full recap of the rehearsal dinner/ceremony/reception, but here are some photos I took throughout the weekend:




20140604-101901-37141220.jpg Andy was the best man! That’s him speaking in the last photo; his speech was so touching 🙂 While Andy was out doing best man stuff on Saturday, I went running along Milwaukee’s lakefront. Holy beautiful! I need to get over to the Chicago lakefront because I know it will inspire me to keep up with training.


20140604-102330-37410231.jpg I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready with my girlfriends. We ate some desserts, sipped mimosas, and gossiped. So much fun!

20140604-102648-37608126.jpg Obligatory pre-wedding selfie. Now that I’m back, it’s time to finish all of my work because I’m heading to Ragnar TOMORROW! I plan to catch a train to Milwaukee tomorrow evening, drive to Madison with some team members, and spend Thursday and Friday running back to Chicago. No need for me to pick up my car in WI this way 😀 A race recap will come your way Monday! See you then!