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A Wedding and Some Free Advice

Happy belated Memorial Day! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend full of loved ones and gratitude. My weekend was filled with shopping, a wedding, a long run, homework, and getting sick. I’ll get into the last one in a few paragraphs. Let’s just say that it wasn’t pretty, haha! Andy and I are both procrastinators by nature; whenever we make plans, we are both always at least 15 minutes late.  True to form, Andy did not have most of his outfit for the wedding on Saturday (I lucked out because I had a dress that had only been worn once and at an event with a completely different group of people – yay for saving money!).  We wound up going to Kohl’s and ended up staying right up until they locked the doors (Kohl’s closes at 11pm, which is very convenient). Luckily, Andy found a nice outfit to wear for the big day. Men’s sizing is really confusing to me, by the way. I learned a lot in those few hours. 20140526-112514-41114391.jpgAgain with my procrastinator status: I put off completing my Pact until the last minute. Before getting ready for the wedding, I went out for a quick 3 miler.  I also had to go feed my parents’ cat because they were out of town.  Andy and I were both running way behind and arrived at the wedding one minute before it started. We’re really bad at being on time 😛 The wedding was lovely.  I hadn’t been to one since 2012 when my cousin got married. I forgot that I’m a major cry baby at weddings. The bride and groom are actually Andy’s friends; I had only briefly met them one time, but that didn’t stop my tears from flowing. The reception was just as lovely as the ceremony. Very elegant and simple (I say this as though I am some sort of wedding expert, but I don’t even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my future wedding, HA!). Take note of the four glasses in the background of the photo below. One was water, but the other three were alcohol. I clearly did not retain anything I learned in college about mixing different alcoholic beverages…

20140526-112518-41118594.jpgThe vegan risotto was pretty delicious, though!

20140526-112516-41116385.jpgThe cake wasn’t bad, either. Sorry for the poor quality of this photo.

20140526-112513-41113632.jpgAndy and I got a million Fitbit steps on the dance floor (more like 10,000 – if you don’t count walking from out parking spot)

Now for the free advice portion of this post: DO NOT MIX ALCOHOL AND THEN GO RUNNING IN 85* TEMPERATURES THE NEXT DAY.

20140526-112517-41117339.jpgThe park was so beautiful, but looks can be deceiving. It was HOT outside.

Long story short, I set out to run 8 miles because I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon in a couple weeks.  I woke up feeling OK, despite mixing some different drinks last night (again, I should have known better), and set out to run in the mid afternoon (hottest time of the day… YET AGAIN, I should have known better).  I felt pretty good throughout the run.  After stretching, I sat down on my couch to drink some water and all of a sudden felt the overwhelming need to puke. You can guess what happened next.

I spent the rest of Sunday night sleeping (literally from around 6pm until 7am Monday morning). I had such a long to-do list for that evening too, but life gets in the way sometimes 😛

In either case, I do not regret Saturday evening and getting in my long run was still worth it.  I would have regretted not doing it at all – especially because I really thought I felt fine.

Hopefully you guys will continue reading despite my lack of classiness this weekend…

Have you ever puked after a run?