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Gratitude Friday – Many Happy Days Edition

The 100 Happy Days challenge is really making a difference in my life.  I now see daily activities that I used to take for granted in a much different way.  Sitting on the couch with Andy after a long day? Pure bliss. Volunteering at my favorite place every week? Priceless. Eating mac n’ cheese for lunch? Delightful! Add me as a friend on instagram to see more of my 100 happy days photos – I’m only on day 16, so there are many more days to go! 20140522-203030-73830349.jpg I’m grateful that my summer classes seem really interesting. It’s no secret that I am ready for an extended break from school (and/or graduation). Despite this, I am taking classes that will surely be useful in my internship next semester.  If anything, these classes will be extra preparation for the work I will be doing. I’m also grateful that one of my classes will be over in less than 6 weeks. It’s ONLINE, which may not seem interesting to you guys, but this is the first (and last because I only have one more class to take after this semester and it’s in person) online class I’ve taken in my grad program 🙂 I’m grateful that I can walk outside without a jacket most days. Remember that awful winter we had this year? I’m still trying to get over it. I’m grateful that I no longer cringe at the thought of running outside. I actually look forward to outdoor running now 😀

20140511-191709.jpgIgnore the fact that I took this photo on a treadmill.

I’m grateful that I’ve been reading for fun.  I finished Orange is the New Black (highly recommend!) and have moved on to Me Before You.  Hopefully I can keep up with all this reading now that school started… I’m grateful that I got a haircut. It was much needed. The last time I cut my hair was a year ago. It was cut to my shoulders last May and it was at the middle of my back before I chopped off a few inches today. I feel so light! I’m grateful for dogs. They sure do help people be more active. I had 20,000 Fitbit steps on one of the days that I was pet sitting! 20140518-200413.jpg I’m grateful that my birthday is next week! Sometimes I act like a kid around my birthday; I get really excited to celebrate. I’m grateful to be attending two weddings within the next two weeks! Life is most amazing when we appreciate all the little things (kind of like #100happydays), but it’s even better when monumental life events come around for the people we love. I just enjoy celebrating; what can I say? I’m grateful for the people in my life. Friends, family, coworkers, classmates, blog friends… YOU GUYS ROCK. Honestly, I just typed some stuff for school and want to go to bed (typing this Thursday night and will post Friday morning). I think I’ll end this post here because I’m grateful for my bed.  Have a good weekend, everyone!