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Weekend of Shelties

I posted this yesterday morning, but the internet ate it somehow. Luckily, an earlier draft was saved so I just did some minor editing. Oh, technology… The weekend started with dinner out with coworkers to celebrate two promotions. Nothing better than seeing wonderful people achieve their goals.  We went to Bar Louie, which was located in a hotel.  There was a wedding going on next door, which we crashed (<- I use this term loosely because we really just stood in the doorway and stared, HA) for a few minutes.  We were all too chicken to join in and dance. 20140518-200153.jpg The Bar Louie in my college town was way rowdier than this one; I remember my entire college campus would come out to Bar Louie for $5 buckets of beer (so classy, I know) every Wednesday. There was even a dance floor! This one was pretty much a regular restaurant. I suppose fancy hotel Bar Louies have to be different than college town Bar Louies 😉 20140518-200219.jpg

Sorry for the poor-quality photo, but I just had to show you the huge Dos Equis I drank. My coworkers were surprised that little old me could handle so much beer, HAHA! I blame it on the fact that I hang out in Milwaukee so much these days.

Most of my coworkers and I rolled out of bed the next day and had to spend half of ourSaturday at work.  Our night out was ridiculously fun and totally worth it, though! I wish we all spent more time together. Seriously, my coworkers are awesome people.

I picked up my BFF Britta after work and headed to my aunt and uncle’s house to walk their dogs, Leo and Che (yes, named after Che Guevara). My cousin Kat graduated from dental school in Boston on Sunday!! My aunt, uncle, and other cousin flew out to see her walk across the stage and I looked after the Shelties 🙂  I am SO PROUD of Kat and can’t believe I have a DOCTOR as a relative.

Britta and I were going to do some shopping, but I had to help the dogs take care of business first.  I’m lucky that Britta is such a good friend because she volunteered to walk with me. I normally have to take Leo and Che out separately because they have issues walking together.


Britta and Leo. He’s way calmer than Che, so I was a good friend and let her walk him 🙂


Che wouldn’t stay still for a picture. He’s crazy, I tell ya.

Britta and I looked around at some stores. I ended up purchasing really boring stuff: toothpaste, new windshield wipers (needed these at least 3 months ago, but I’m a procrastinator), and eye makeup remover (I’m attending a wedding next weekend and plan to actually wear makeup).  Replacing windshield wipers is surprisingly easy! I can’t believe I waited so long to do it.

After some dinner and ice cream, Britta volunteered to take the dogs on their next walk with me (such a good friend!).  Since she lives close to my aunt and uncle’s house, Britta was able to stick around and chat with me for a little while after the walk.  We used to hang out at my aunt and uncle’s house back in high school (my cousin is my age and went to my high school, which is THE BEST), so being there brought back a lot of memories for us.  I stayed in the suburbs the whole weekend because the dogs need to be walked every 3-4 hours. That was just fine with me; getting out of the city was therapeutic. Plus, I found this awesome picture:


My dad looks thrilled.

On Sunday morning, I took each dog out for a walk, ate breakfast, did some schoolwork (the summer semester is upon us…), and then went running with the dogs! Che, the crazier dog, was surprisingly much better at running than Leo.  Leo got distracted by everything and was pretty sluggish.


Leo is lucky that he’s cute because he will not win any prizes for his running skillz.

I did 2 miles with Che, 1 mile with Leo, and 3 miles solo. Yes, your math is correct: 6 miles total! I actually did a (slightly) long run! All it took were some Shelties with energy to burn.

Britta, her mom, and I went to visit Britta’s grandma this afternoon.  She’s 94-years-old and still full of spunk.

Focusing my energy on different activities this weekend really helped with my anxiety. I loved all the time I got to spend with Britta and being in a calmer/different environment than I am used to.  I feel ready to take on the week ahead and get back to my real life… my real life is so wonderful and I was starting to lose sight of that.  Nothing like a mini vacation to calm me down 🙂

Who likes to run with their dog?! I’ve decided that my future dog will be a runner just like me!