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Gratitude Friday – Finding Reasons to Smile!

This week was a doozy! I thought I was going to get a break with school finally being over, but that did not happen at all.  With a little extra drama in my life and a full schedule lately (and summer school will be added on top of this full schedule NEXT WEEK), I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety.  I dealt with this level of anxiety frequently many years ago, so it has been a while since I’ve felt this way.  I’m just trying to think positive and relax.  Maybe I should do as I said in my last post and step up my running. Running helps with anxiety, right? Anyway, I feel weird mentioning my negative feelings on this blog – especially in a post that is supposed to be happy – but I’m trying to keep things real on here. So, yeah, life has been kind of hard this week for a variety of reasons, but I’m handling it the best I can. One way of handling it? GRATITUDE FRIDAY!  I’m grateful for 100 Happy DaysIt helps so much to see the positive aspects of my life.  The things I am stressing over are not nearly as important because they are all temporary. I’m grateful that Starbucks forgot to make my drink the other day. After confirming that the barista did in fact forget my iced coffee order, he made me a venti instead of a tall to make it up to me.  I was also late for work because of this, but it didn’t matter because my boss was late too. SCORE! 20140515-161919.jpg I’m grateful for guided imagery YouTube videos and my yoga practice. If you need a temporary cure for anxiety, those two are more effective than gigantic iced coffees 😉  Seriously, though, I can’t get enough guided imagery.  I never stay awake through an entire video – I get that relaxed from them! Going to my uncle’s yoga class is therapeutic because I not only get to do some yoga, but I get to catch up with my uncle. Can’t beat that 😀 20140515-161854.jpg I’m grateful for rainy weather. Rain is so relaxing for me.  Luckily, we’ve had a lot of rain lately.  I love hearing the sound of raindrops on my window. I also love rain boots, but mine have a hole in them, haha. 20140515-161941.jpg I’m grateful that a bakery dropped off free samples at my work on Monday. Those cupcakes were perhaps the most delicious I’ve had so far in my entire life. Not even joking. 20140515-162005.jpg   I’m grateful that my coworkers and I are going out to celebrate TWO promotions. Gotta love it when awesome people climb the corporate ladder.  They deserve these opportunities so much, but I’ll really miss them! I’m grateful that I get to watch my aunt and uncle’s dogs and house sit for them this weekend. Yay for another side job! I get to stay in their house in the suburbs and go running with dogs all weekend. To me, this sounds like a vacation <- that’s kind of sad, lol! I’m grateful to have seen the picture below and read this blog post as I am beginning my internship this fall. I have to admit that a part of my anxiety is over next school year. Not only will it be an incredibly busy year (I hope to balance an internship, job, social life, blog, running regime, and more), but I will be interning in a brand new field that is completely different from the one I work in currently. Freaked out does not even begin to explain my feelings. I’m excited as well, but mostly freaked out at the moment 😛 20140515-161824.jpg I may be young and completely new to working in the field, but I’m a counselor already because I care about my clients. I’ve gotta run, but for my question of the day: Have you ever made a scary change? Career or otherwise 🙂