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Half Marathon and Ragnar Training: Weeks 4 & 5

I haven’t reported about my training in a couple weeks… mostly because I didn’t follow the plan I created for myself at all.  Still, I’ve been active, just not running nearly as much as I wanted to.  In fact, I have skipped almost all of my long runs. Recovery from my 5k PR was slow; I was sore for days after that! Last minute Mother’s Day prep took the place of last weekend’s long run. My legs for Ragnar have been finalized! My first and second legs are 4.5 miles and my third leg is 6.2 miles. Overall, I will run 15.2 miles. Eek! Even though my training has been pretty lackluster, I have no doubt that I can finish this race.  I think that’s why I’m not incredibly motivated 😛 However, I need to remember that finishing comfortably is pretty important… Here are weeks 4 & 5 of training: rnsragnarweek4   rnsragnarweek5   I honestly thought I was doing better than this. My DailyMile graphs are scaring me into completing more workouts… My only crowning glory here are the back-to-back runs in Week 5 (the second photo). Going through each individual workout in this post does not seem like it will be worth it at this point. I need to step up my game and have some real runs to discuss in my training updates! Ragnar is only a month away. I’m excited and really want to get crackin’ with my training. Expect a way more impressive update next week! I’m holding myself accountable 🙂