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Mother’s Day Weekend and April Goals Check-In

Good morning! This weekend was a good one (minus getting up early to work a half day on Saturday).  Andy asked me what I wanted to do after work on Saturday and I said “drink beer!” I didn’t have to twist his arm to get him out the door and to a bar.  We got food while we were out and I chose perhaps the unhealthiest item on the menu: baked mac n’ cheese! I had corn on the cob as my side instead of fries to balance things out 😉 20140511-191730.jpgI also had a Daisy Cutter for the first time! No more beer for me after that one, though. I was FULL. 20140511-191920.jpg Mother’s Day was spent at my aunt and uncle’s house. My uncle eats a mostly plant-based diet and has been raving about his new vegan cookbook for a long time.  We watched the film Forks Over Knives together several years ago, which was part of my motivation to become a vegetarian (I’m thinking about slowly adding meat back into my diet, so I haven’t written about this much. Meat kind of grosses me out most of the time so I just stopped eating it 3 years ago, to make a long story short).  Anyway, my cousin, Oksana, and I made a meal for our moms (and the rest of the family) from The China Study Cookbook, which is based on Forks Over Knives. 20140511-191741.jpgWe made Mom’s Polenta With Rice and Beans (pretty much a casserole) and Quick No Fat Cranberry Bread. Some veggies were also served on the side. Thank goodness; I needed a detox after that (delicious) mac n’ cheese and beer meal!

I owe you guys an update on how I did with my April Goals. Can you believe it’s already pretty much mid-May? Time flies when you’re having fun! In April, I wanted to focus on three things:

1. Work on school stuff two days or nights per week for at least two hours.

SUCCESS, but only because I had to do this. I had some huge projects due for the end of the semester and left them all for April. I spent many hours at the library.

2. Run or go to the gym FOUR times per week.

I was successful with this for the most part, but none of my workouts were super intense. Despite this, I PRed my 5k time 🙂 Good enough for me!

3. Make time for myself and my loved ones.

I did the best I could despite how busy I was. Wish I planned better, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Overall, I am just happy that April has ended. After such a hectic April, I have so far made a lot of time for relaxation in May. My workouts are still not where I want them to be, but I’ve realized that sometimes a yoga class is a much better idea than going for a run. I want to read books for fun, go on walks, and just take it easy for awhile.  I put a lot of pressure on myself most of the time and am about to start the summer semester, participate in a wedding, and run two big races. Due to this, I will have NO GOALS in May. I suppose a “non-goal” will be to take it easy and continue increasing my running mileage 🙂