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I’m Still Alive!

After becoming a complete ball of stress for several weeks in a row, I decided to take it easy. For the first time in ages, I’ve been keeping up with yoga, hanging out with friends, reading for fun, and so much more. I just started reading Orange is the New BlackMy cheap self will definitely not pay for Netflix, but this book is so amazing that I am actually tempted to do so.  I am aware that there is a free 1 month trial, so that’s always an option.  I’m just scared that I’ll get sucked in 😛 20140508-111846.jpgI traveled to Milwaukee last weekend for Sara’s bachelorette party! We did a brewery tour and played fun games, including Cards Against Matrimony.  I got to see some of my amazing friends from college and made new friends, too 🙂 20140508-111713.jpg I also had to stop at A&W on my way home because we do not have many of those in Illinois. Rootbeer floats make my day! 20140508-111806.jpg I have both today AND tomorrow off work! I normally have Thursdays off, but took off another day because I have orientation for my leadership role at school tomorrow. It’s only two hours long, but I figure that taking off an entire day is always a good idea 😉 Did I ever tell you guys that I was voted secretary of the Counselor Education Student Association at my school? YAY ME. I started 100 Happy Days yesterday! Ashley from Saving Money in your Twenties inspired me to do it 😀 20140508-111610.jpg Going out with my friends, Britta and Gayle last night for a belated Cinco de Mayo celebration was a VERY happy day indeed. Also, who wants to be my friend on Instagram? My running is spot-on this week! I ran this morning and am running again tomorrow. The weather is PERFECT right now. 20140508-111620.jpg It actually rained a little on my run this morning, but I didn’t mind at all. Anyway, it’s time for me to get ready for volunteering. I’m going shopping for running shoes afterwards!! So. Excited. Who has book recommendations for me?!