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Gratitude Friday – Valuing Myself Edition

This has been THE most stressful week I’ve had in months. Some craziness is going on ASIDE from being sick while working on millions of end of the semester assignments. I can’t really get into my current dilemma on a public blog because it would be tacky of me to do so. It’s hard deciding what to share in this space, but work-related and internship-related stuff is always a big fat no (you can assume that my issue right now is related to one of those two things, haha). All I can say is that, after a week of through-the-roof anxiety, I’ve slowly started figuring out what to do about my situation. What a relief! My school has a “Stress Free Zone” for finals week, which I had to check out yesterday due to the free massages!  They gave away super nice water bottles with a quote that truly spoke to me: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” -Rumi. Now, to me, that quote means you are important. Let me know if you interpret the quote differently because I am still debating on other potential meanings. No matter what the definition is, I’ve decided that this week’s Gratitude Friday post is dedicated to appreciating MYSELF. Oftentimes, I  forget that I am strong and equipped to handle stressful or sad times.  I’m grateful that I have motivation to work out.  I spent almost a year after running my marathon doing next to nothing on the exercise front. It is such a joy to look at my progress from the beginning of my blog and see that I’m getting in way better shape.  I PRed both my 5k and 8k times this year; I can’t wait to see what else I will do! I am thankful that exercise plays a part in my relationship.  Andy and I have been going on lots of long walks now that the weather is above freezing. We are able to talk a lot more and experience different parts of the city together. I love it! 20140501-170205.jpg I’m grateful that I’m starting to take better care of myself.  With so much on my plate right now, I have started carving out time to just relax. School is over for a few weeks, so I plan to treat myself to some yoga classes, at-home manicures, celebratory dinners and drinks with loved ones, reading for fun, and a much-needed haircut.  My “go-go-go” attitude is not doing me any favors. It’s time for me to chill out for a little while. Gigantic Coronas are also something to be grateful for 😉 20140501-170237.jpg I’m grateful for my family.   My family is very unique. Whenever other people joke about their eccentric families, I laugh inside because I know that they have nothing on my family’s weirdness. I resented how odd we must come off to others in the past, but today I truly embrace it.  Who would I be if it wasn’t for my family? BORING. That’s what I would be – no doubt about it! On that note, I’m grateful for my aunt because she posted this quote to Facebook on the exact day I needed to see it: 20140501-170344.jpg I’m grateful that it’s my birthday month.  On May 29th, I turn 26. The age sounds pretty old to me, but I don’t mind 🙂  The longer I live, the more experiences I get to enjoy! I hope to live until I’m 100! I’m grateful that my experience last week taught me a HUGE lesson: always trust your instincts. Making choices is tough and I relied on other people’s opinions to make one several months ago.  Unfortunately, that choice blew up in my face last week. Looking back, I really should have listened to my heart.  Luckily, it seems like everything is going to work out for me, but my path to success definitely had some roadblocks that could have been avoided. What is the best thing about your life right now?!