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Half Marathon/Ragnar Training: Week 3

Hello again from the library! I am in the process of writing my final paper of this ridiculous semester, but just had  to stop by and write a post for tomorrow (it is currently Tuesday night; the post is scheduled for tomorrow 🙂 ).  Maybe I should be an author instead of a counselor because all I seem to do with my free time is write. Last week’s training was pretty wonky because I was sick all week. I’m actually still a little sick now; this cold just wants to stick around forever. The weather was really cold here in Chicago, too, which made my sick self even less motivated than usual to go running.  However, I still beasted a 5k race and exceeded my Fitbit step goal. I’ll take it! rnsragnarweek3   Monday: Off Tuesday: 3 mile run before work! This is rare because I’m not a morning person, but I did it 😀 Wednesday: Off Thursday: 30 minutes on the elliptical Friday: Off Saturday: 6 mile walk with Andy at a beautiful forest preserve. That was worth at least 15,000 Fitbit steps! 20140429-211513.jpgI know, I’m really fashionable 😉 Sunday: Golden Eagle 5k race! 20140427-173403.jpgstill can’t believe I PRed after nearly 4 years. Somebody pinch me!

My main goal for last week was to do back-to-back runs. That clearly did not happen, but I at least did two harder workouts in a row (nearly 2 hours of walking Saturday, followed by my fastest 5k ever on Sunday).  I think that’s pretty good.  Now I need to start doing some longer runs. I’m working a half day on Saturday and then heading up to Milwaukee for Sara‘s bachelorette party this weekend, so I have no clue how I’ll fit in any kind of workout with such a busy schedule. Perhaps a long run on Sunday afternoon when I get home? We will see. I need new running shoes, too. Who knows of any sales going on right now for running shoes? If no one answers, then I’ll just hit up Sports Authority, my favorite store 😀