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2014 Golden Eagle 5k Recap

I’ve been holding out on you guys. Remember when I set my running goals for 2014 and declared that I wanted to PR a 5k? I found one for $10! You know I love a bargain! I registered as soon as possible.  I was afraid to tell anyone about this race because I haven’t been able to beat my 5k PR (26:48) for YEARS. I actually set that old PR in 2010. Side note: I would probably still have posted about this race even if I didn’t (spoiler alert) PR yesterday (!!!!). The Golden Eagles 5k is a very small race – only 99 people ran it. I passed the same runners (or they passed me) over and over again.  One girl caught up to me multiple times during the race, but I refused to let her pass me. She was my motivation the entire time.  Sadly, I went out way too fast and she wound up finishing ahead of me once I burned out during the third mile. I have not tried to PR my 5k time in years, which meant that coming up with a race plan simply did not happen.  I decided to just run as fast as I could throughout the race.  The entire 3.1 miles were horrible.  All I wanted to do was go back to bed.  It didn’t help that it was super cold outside and drizzling. 20140427-173403.jpg Pushing myself so hard for the entire race meant that I finally got the shiny PR! After nearly 4 years! It took me about an hour to regain some composure and contemplate signing up for another 5k. Am I the only one who gets in a bad mood after races? My official time was 25:14 (an 8:08 pace). Map My Run was a little off, but that’s my fault for not turning it off on time.  I was the 21st runner to finish out of 99 and 7th female overall – not too shabby! 20140427-173644.jpg Andy watched me run this morning. It’s great to have such a supportive boyfriend who held my jacket and found me at multiple points throughout the race. The truth is that I bribed him with a boozy brunch if he came to the race 😉 20140427-173423.jpg We went to Fireside, which my BFF Britta recommended to me a long time ago. 20140427-173439.jpg I had banana nut french toast. Well deserved after running my heart out! To be honest, I really dislike the 5k distance and will probably not do another until I find a race that charges $10 and/or have taken a long enough time to recover (I’m acting like I ran a marathon today, HAHA).  Another option I would not mind is running a 5k for fun.  Truly racing a 5k is just too much for me.  Give me a 10k or half marathon any day, but a 5k just feels like way too long of a sprint. Despite what I just wrote, it feels good to have a new 5k PR. I am so proud of the effort I put into the Golden Eagle 5k this weekend 🙂 Does anyone else hate 5ks as much as I do?