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Gratitude Friday – Almost Done with the Semester Edition

I’m so happy it’s Friday!! Time for some serious gratitude. Life is too short to only focus on the negative aspects 🙂 I’m grateful that colds don’t last forever. Could you even imagine a constant runny nose or cough? It would drive me bananas. I am still not 100% better, but my health is slowly improving. I’m grateful to still be fitting in workouts when I’m sick. Running is a little harder with a stuffy nose, but I have made it work so far. I’m grateful for beautiful days with awesome people. There is truly nothing better. 20140425-062615.jpg I’m grateful for the people in my life. This includes family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and all of you reading this. 20140425-063028.jpg I’m grateful for Starburst jellybeans… … And the salad bar at school. Those salads got me through some late nights at the library recently. I’m the annoying person crunching and munching in a quiet room. At least almost everyone I saw at the library was wearing headphones, haha! I’m grateful that my semester will be over on Thursday! Sadly, there is some work standing between me and the end of this semester, but I’ll be able to get it done 🙂 I’m grateful for guided imagery. Life has been full of anxiety lately and this really helps! You guys should try to YouTube it because there are tons of meditations on there. I’m grateful to be so busy! I complain about my schedule, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having a lot to do 🙂 What are you grateful for today?!