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Half Marathon/Ragnar Training: Week 2

I’m currently typing this post from my school’s library (it’s Tuesday night, but this post is scheduled to publish on Wednesday morning… if that makes any sense).  A gigantic research paper is due on Thursday and, sadly, it is not going to write itself.  Luckily, I don’t have much left to write.  My boss is the greatest because she let me go home early on Monday even though my cold is pretty mild. I spent my sick day writing my little heart out (such a fun day playing hooky…).20140422-203115.jpgYou know you’re a nerd when your break from writing a paper involves writing a blog post 😉 Having been sick/tired/on some serious deadlines with schoolwork made for yet another week of training that didn’t go as planned.  Normally I would be upset with myself for not running “enough” or being too “lazy,” but I am honestly not very concerned.  Perhaps that will change when I’m not both working and attending grad school full time (while battling a cold on a holiday weekend, for that matter), but who knows? I’m just going to stay calm for now. Here is what I did during week 2: rnsragnarweek2 Monday: Rest day Tuesday: 4 miles of cycling and 3 miles on the elliptical. This added up to about 45 minutes of cross-training! Yay me! Wednesday: Rest day Thursday: 4 mile run Friday: Rest day Saturday: 5 mile run with one of my favorite running buddies (my awesome cousin, Oksana!) Sunday: Andy and I were going to walk around some nature trails after bird watching on Sunday, but the one we wanted to check out was closed for the holiday. I really wanted to do back-to-back runs last week (because of Ragnar, of course!).  To be honest, I probably had the time to run before heading out to Andy’s family party on Sunday morning.  I was at the peak of my cold at that point, though, so motivation was just not coming to me.  Plus, the promise of a nature walk (that never happened, haha) pretty much sealed the deal that running was not necessary for Sunday.  Either way, I made my Fitbit step goal (56,000 steps over 7 days) for my work’s fitness competition last week!! I am definitely more active on a regular basis these days even if my “official” workouts do not reflect it, so I am SATISFIED 🙂 THIS WEEKEND, I WILL DO BACK-TO BACK RUNS. Hold me to it!