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Easter Weekend 2014

I hope everyone had a good weekend – regardless of whether or not you celebrated Easter 🙂  Personally, I enjoy the secular aspect of Easter very much. I would almost say that it’s my favorite holiday! The pretty colors, candy, amazing weather, and BUNNIES play a huge part in this decision. Andy’s family invited me to their Easter celebration this year.  His mom even made me an Easter basket. How sweet is that? 20140422-094821.jpg I wonder how Andy’s mom knew that I REALLY wanted those Starburst jellybeans…

We ate a delicious dinner and then went out to a forest preserve to bird watch.  My love for the suburbs was definitely rekindled during this trip. All the stores I love super close by? CHECK. Feeling safe walking down the street at night? CHECK. More wide open spaces? CHECK. Much less traffic? CHECK. Plus, look at this scenery: 20140422-094953.jpg

20140422-095000.jpg We spotted TWO Bald Eagles! It was pretty cool! Other than Easter with Andy’s family in the south suburbs, I ran 5 miles with my cousin, worked, and was sick with a cold 🙁 I haven’t been sick since I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012 (I got sick afterwards, which is super common).  I’m pretty upset that my streak is broken. Being sick is extra dramatic when you’re not used to being sick <- not trying to brag here… Despite battling a cold, it was a good weekend. It’s time for me to buckle down and finish my last few school assignments. This week’s workload is pretty heavy. I will OFFICIALLY be done on May 1st. After that, I’ll be ready for some major celebrating 😀