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Half Marathon/Ragnar Training: Week 1

I’ve decided to officially give myself 9 weeks to train for the Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon and Ragnar.  Last week was week 1, which was nothing too epic.  I’m still tweaking my training plan; I wrote out a spreadsheet about a month ago and have realized that the mileage will probably not work for me.  Since I’ve never done a Ragnar Relay before (and am simultaneously training for a half marathon), I think it will take some trial and error to get into a good training routine this time. This was my first week of training: rnsragnarweek1   Monday – Wednesday: NADA. I had an enormous paper due on Wednesday and it took me a long time to finish.  Exercise was put on the back burner. Thursday: 4 mile run OUTSIDE. Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to finally run outside? Friday: Rest day! Saturday: 3 mile run. This should have been a longer run, but my running motivation was pretty low that day. I think a shorter run is better than no run at all. Sunday: 3 mile walk with Andy before it started raining.  I planned to run later in the day, but wound up watching too much TV (plus it was raining really hard). I know, you guys, I’m the most motivational running blogger 😉 IMG_0210[1]

Spotted on our walk: people have houses like this IN THE CITY.

I obviously need to add more mileage to my training. Avoiding burnout is important to me, so I’m trying to do this slowly. The most important thing, in my opinion, is not even my long runs, but doing back to back workouts. I could probably run a half marathon right now if you asked me to because I’ve done so many of them (not saying it would be speedy… or pretty, for that matter), but a Ragnar Relay is a different story.  I need to get used to runs that are more frequent and close together. My challenge for this week is to complete two back to back runs and fully update my training plan.