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Run, Eat, Walk, Eat

After a week of intense school/work, I did pretty much whatever I wanted this weekend. I had to work on Saturday, though, and wore different shoes than usual. My feet were killing me! I almost used my feet as an excuse to skip my run, but went ahead and did it anyway 🙂 Andy and I had dinner at one of my favorite places, Gulliver’s! The pizza smelled delicious, but Andy and I eat pizza so often that we decided to get sandwiches instead. The best part about Gulliver’s is the wall to wall antique décor. 20140413-232257.jpg 20140413-232320.jpg We finished off the evening with beer drinking and movie watching. It was going to rain on Sunday, so we got up early to beat the storm. Andy and I both have work fitness competitions (we don’t even work together; this is just a coincidence) coming up so we are trying to walk outside together more often. I will win an Amazon gift card if I reach 8,000 Fitbit steps per day, so this is important 😉

20140414-131517.jpg We got brunch in the middle of our walk at a cute Serbian restaurant. I ordered a dish with a name I couldn’t pronounce to be adventurous, haha… The food tasted delicious, but was really just two pieces of French toast with a huge block of feta cheese between them. Good thing feta is my favorite. 20140413-233152.jpg Definitely couldn’t even eat one of these sandwiches. So much food! Andy and I ended up walking close to three miles. I’ll consider that to be a cross-training workout for sure 🙂 I’m SO happy that outdoor running and walking are back!!! Yay Spring!