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Half Marathon and Ragnar Training Plan

Hey, guys! I haven’t talked to you in ages, which is because the end of the semester is here (both a good and bad thing) and I’m working long hours this week. So, I basically do not have time for anything remotely fun at the moment. One of my goals for April was to schedule time for the things and people I love even though my obligations are increasing exponentially.  So, here I am posting about something I love: RUNNING! On June 6th/7th, I’m running the Ragnar Relay from Madison to Chicago and the next weekend (June 14th) I’m heading back to Wisconsin to run the Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon.  That’s a lot of racing in a short period of time. You know what I say to that? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. rocknsole

 During my first Rock n’ Sole in 2012. I wish this photo were bigger!

For Ragnar, the legs I will probably run are between 4 and 6 miles. There are 3 legs to run in a short-ish period of time.  This means I should probably do some back-to-back runs during training.  Ideally, I will run 4 times per week. This might not happen in the month of April (school ending is really salting my running game), but I’m optimistic for May.  My fitness goal for April is to do some form of exercise 4 times per week REGARDLESS of what it is. If I have to sit on the bike and read something for school, then that’s what I will do. Multitasking 😉 In May, I will try to actually RUN 4 times per week and add extra cross-training when I have time. This is probably a good plan for me because I can gradually add more and more exercise instead of jumping right into a plan with way higher mileage than I’m used to. I’m not too nervous about the Rock n’ Sole Half. However, I would love to set a new half marathon PR. My fastest time (2:05) was in 2012 and that was just WAY too long ago. If I could go sub-2, it would make my day, but I would also love to come in at any time below my current PR. One run per week will be dedicated to speed. My total (low) mileage clearly did not make me PR for the Shamrock Shuffle, but I did speed training almost every single week.  To recap… April Weekly Training Goals: 

  • Exercise 4 times
  • Complete 2 back-to-back runs

May Weekly Training Goals:

  • Exercise 5+ times
  • Run 4 times
  • All 4 runs are back-to-back

For me, this plan is slightly ambitious, but I need a little kick in the butt to motivate myself.  Even if I do not actually accomplish this fully, it will be fun to try.  If anything, it will get me to do more than I would if I made an easier training plan 🙂  Plus, outdoor running is WAY more convenient (and more likely to happen for me) than schlepping to the gym – zero travel time because the pavement is right outside my front door! Which races are you guys training for? How often do you exercise in one week?