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Egg Dying, Yoga, and a Bridal Shower

I’m so sad the weekend is over 🙁 It was a busy one, though! On Friday night, Andy and I stayed in and ordered some delicious Mediterranean food. The poor guy battled a cold all weekend.  I went to bed early that night because I had to go to work Saturday morning. After a crazy day at work, I rushed off to the gym and rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes.  I didn’t run at all last week. After a training cycle, I need time off to refresh myself for the next one, which begins THIS WEEK! I spent the night at my BFF Britta’s place on Saturday night. She found some old photos from her fifth birthday party. 20140407-073707.jpgI’m on the right, looking like a weirdo in that party hat. HAHA. Britta and I have dyed eggs together for years. Can’t break tradition! 20140407-073726.jpg   I rushed to my uncle’s yoga class on Sunday morning from Britta’s house because I felt really sore.  I’m not used to exercises that are not running, so I guess that did a number on my muscles or something.  Perhaps I really do need more cross-training in my life 😉 After yoga, I went home to shower and change into a dress Britta let me borrow for Tim and Sara‘s bridal shower.  The dress was super pretty, but I took barely any pictures during the event. The shower had a slight Alice in Wonderland theme! 20140407-073810.jpg 20140407-073803.jpg   My good friends, Brittany and Brigit, were at the shower! Brigit brought her baby girl, Iris, who was smiling the entire time.  I missed those three. We ate a ton of food, played some games, and watched Tim and Sara open gifts. I got to be the friend who handed the gifts to them, which made me feel special, haha. They received a Ninja blender and I got super jealous. Oh, AND an iced coffee maker. My birthday is May 29th and those gifts will be much appreciated 😉 20140407-075145.jpg This is the only photo I took of actual people during the shower… It’s Tim and Sara playing a game about knowing different facts about each other. I spent Sunday night doing SO MUCH HOMEWORK. This will be my life for the next 3 weeks. Don’t make plans with me because, unfortunately, I will be busy. Anyway, I need to hit publish NOW because otherwise I’ll be late for work 😉 Have an awesome Monday!