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Gratitude Friday is BACK!

I missed a week or two of Gratitude Friday, but it’s definitely time for me to talk about the things I’m grateful for lately.  School has been really tough and work is much crazier than usual. If I can’t go on vacation right now, then writing about all of the wonderful things going on in my life is good enough 🙂 I’m grateful that my parents’ dog won 2 agility competitions! Kelly the Dog also placed 3rd in 2 other competitions. I love that my dad has such awesome hobbies. 20140328-122108.jpg And how cute is she? I’m grateful that I finally bought the boots I wanted. Found them for super cheap on Amazon! I bought these boots for a low price (and probably low quality, haha) because they’re not very flattering on me… I loved the style too much not to own a pair 😀 20140328-123301.jpg This photo was from about a week ago. THERE IS NO LONGER SNOW ON THE GROUND. I repeat: THERE IS NO LONGER SNOW ON THE GROUND. For that, I am VERY grateful. I’m grateful for the races I get to do with my Uncle Doug. I’m grateful that I can wear a tutu and still PR at races 😀 The SELF Magazine article really ticked me off. Tutus have been my jam since participating in ice skating shows. Today they make running more fun! Regardless of how ridiculous any outfit looks, no one should be put to shame for what they choose to wear… Appearance snark is never OK. 20140330-153109.jpg I’m grateful that I BEASTED the Shamrock Shuffle 8k. I’m grateful to finally be making progress on a really tough school assignment. I’m grateful that I can push myself even when it’s painful to do so. This applies to many aspects of my life, but especially running and school lately 🙂 I’m grateful for these Chobani yogurts… they are TO DIE FOR. I’m grateful for homemade peanut butter banana smoothies. PBbananasmoothie Old picture. Nowadays, I like to add spinach 🙂 I’m grateful that I get to officially start half marathon/Ragnar training next week. A post about my training plan is coming your way soon! As I mentioned, life is really giving me a run for my money. I’m working a lot, grad school-ing a lot, and have a jam-packed weekend. This weekend, I’m working a half day on Saturday, hanging out with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, attending a bridal shower, and (hopefully) squeezing in two gym sessions and a couple short homework assignments. What are you doing this weekend? What are you feeling particularly grateful for these days?