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March Goals Check-In & Goals for April

If you may remember, I set several goals for the month of March.  My main areas of focus in March were to save money, keep up with training/run my best possible Shamrock Shuffle 8k, and work hard in school. Here is how I did: Save money I didn’t stick with the ZipList app (an app that allows users to check items off of a grocery list) AT ALL.  However, I hardly went out to eat and actually used up most of my groceries.  I still consider this a win. I transferred some money from checking to savings and received a hefty tax refund, which I also put most of in my savings. In March, I also went SEVENTEEN DAYS without filling my gas tank! Can you believe that? I started going to my school gym, which is not as nice as my regular gym, but WAY closer to my apartment on my days off. Keep up with training/run my best possible Shamrock Shuffle 8k We all know how this one went. I got a little burned out on training and missed quite a few runs. BUT, I still PRed!! Despite not training the way I wanted to, I still pushed myself to the limit during the race. I’m proud of myself 🙂 Work hard in school I slacked off like nobody’s business last month when it comes to grad school homework. Two weekends of fun in Wisconsin plus Spring break put me in an “I just want to have fun” mood. Obviously not conducive to writing long papers… At least I nailed down an internship position. Not all is lost, haha! —————————————————– After my first month of goal-setting, I have some things I would do differently for April. I need to be way more specific about my goals in order to achieve them. Plus, the goals need to become more of a priority for me. I have big plans for my life and have to set some small goals in order to get there 🙂

20140402-082354.jpg Here are the goals I have planned for April: Work on school stuff two days or nights per week for at least two hours. Obviously the time I spend will increase or decrease depending on what I have due each week, but this is how much I will work minimum regardless. Work is due at the end of the semester and needs to be completed at some point… Procrastination must be avoided at all costs! Run or go to the gym FOUR times per week. I wanted to do this for Shamrock Shuffle training, but usually only exercised two or three times per week. Half marathon training starts next week and I really want to PR the half marathon distance for the first time since 2012. I also need to get in better shape for Ragnar in June. Make time for myself and my loved ones. This should actually be titled “Manage My Time More Effectively.” I want to make time for work, school, friends/family, running, and myself. Life will be crazy this month (mostly because it’s the end of the semester) and I want to make sure I feel as relaxed as possible. What are your goals for April?