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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training: Week 7

Before I begin, I just wanted to remind everyone that there is still time to enter my giveaway for the 2014 Michelob Ultra Chicago 13.1 Marathon®Just read and leave a comment on this post 😀 This is probably going to be my final Shamrock Shuffle training post, which means that this one will be longer than the rest. Week 8 of training involves a couple short runs followed by the race THIS SUNDAY! I’ll post a race recap instead of a training recap. SSTraining I wanted to start with a few of the thoughts I had during this training cycle. Posting my workouts for other people to read has been a rather humbling experience for me.  I read many running blogs and see that other people exercise way more often and for a longer period of time than I do.  Since running the Chicago Marathon in 2012, training for races was not a priority for me – no matter how much I tried to make it one.  I really wanted to make a comeback and thought this blog would be the perfect way to accomplish that.  Spoiler alert: the blog hasn’t been a cure for my laziness so far 😉 For the first month of training, I managed to fit in every single run.  My motivation decreased after that; school was busy, I was stressed out over my internship decision, I hurt my knee, the weather was constantly in the teens and below (plus snow/ice on the ground), and I had too many fun events planned on a couple of the weekends that made it difficult to find a time to run.  Life got in the way and, for the first time in a long time, I had to report that to people (you guys!) I do not regret skipping any runs.  However, I am now realizing that my training plan was not very ambitious.  I think if I scheduled 4 runs and happened to skip one of those, it would have been more acceptable than only expecting myself to run 3 times and giving myself so many free passes.  Things will be different for my half marathon/Ragnar training plan. I will be more ambitious. The best part is that I have to be pretty ambitious this time because Ragnar involves a lot of running! With all of that having been said, I feel good about this training cycle. Was it pretty lame? YES, for sure. Did I run more than I did when “training” (JK I didn’t train at all) for the Tinker Bell Half? YES, FOR SURE! I consider that a WIN – especially because this is just an 8k. I have a decent fitness base and still think a PR is possible if I really push myself during the race this Sunday 🙂 Following my recent trend of having minimal running ambition, I present you with what I did (or did NOT do, haha) during week 7 of Shamrock Shuffle training: shamrockweek7

Pretty lame, yet again…

Monday: Yoga class. I normally have school on Mondays and am unable to exercise. Spring break afforded me the opportunity to attend my uncle’s yoga class (Yep, my uncle teaches yoga. He’s pretty cool!)

Tuesday: Ran the first 3 miles with my cousin and finished off with 4 on my own. Yay for completing my long run and feeling great the whole time 🙂

Wednesday – Friday: Lazy…

Saturday: Easy 3

Sunday: Nada.

Aside from the 7 miler, there was nothing remotely impressive about this week’s training. I still feel OK about it, though, haha! I’ll post again later this week about my goals for the race.