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Grateful for the Luck I Made for Myself

This was SUCH a wonderful week. So many positive things are going on at once! Plus, this week was spring break and I didn’t do any schoolwork. I was thinking about how lucky I’ve been recently, but realized that so many wonderful things are happening because I worked hard for them. Let me tell you some of the amazing aspects of my life lately! I’m grateful for a week off of school. No, I’m not in Mexico sipping a fancy drink. I didn’t take a week off from work or any other responsibilities. BUT I have enjoyed time with my loved ones this week and devoted more time to endeavors outside of homework. I’m grateful that I was able to run outside this week!!! SO HAPPY! Photos like the one below will be making a comeback soon.

20140320-202743.jpg I’m not in this photo, but I was the photographer! The blurriness makes the photo artsy 😉 I’m grateful that I do not put too much pressure on myself when it comes to running. Perhaps running 2 half marathons without training and still finishing strong left me with a big head, but I honestly will probably not keep up with running 3-4 times per week until I can do it outside. If I don’t enjoy exclusive treadmill running or running in the cold, then why should I force myself do it all the time? Running is meant to be fun 🙂 I’m grateful that my dentist didn’t find any cavities at my appointment yesterday! I’ve maintained a strict flossing routine that resulted in my most positive dentist office visit in a long time. I’m grateful (yet again) that I’ve locked down an internship for next year! It feels AMAZING to not worry about this one… I’m still smiling over a week after accepting the offer! I’m grateful to have had the time to go on a friend date (a frate?) on a night I normally have class! Strange frozen yogurt toppings are my jam.

20140320-213253.jpg I’m grateful for celebrations. As I get older, I realize more and more that we need to acknowledge important days and significant milestones. I had so much fun celebrating Kevin’s birthday last weekend 🙂

20140320-214820.jpg I’m grateful that it’s about 60* outside today!! AND (this one is super exciting for me)… I’m grateful that I was invited to host an AWESOME giveaway on the blog!!!! Keep an eye out for it – especially those of you near Chicago 😀 Have a great weekend, everyone!