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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Taking off both work and exercise this weekend was a top-notch decision for me. For the first time in about two weeks, I feel wide awake and have fresh legs to complete my final week of Shamrock Shuffle training. I plan to attend a yoga class tonight to be extra sure that my legs aren’t too tight 🙂 I spent my weekend in Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate a friend, Kevin’s, birthday (and St. Patrick’s Day). When I saw a sign for the world’s largest Culver’s, I got really excited. Andy immediately took the exit and we got ice cream!


20140317-093422.jpg The Culver’s wasn’t as big as I expected, but I can still say I’ve had ice cream at the world’s largest one 😀 We started off the evening at Kevin’s place. I had a Namaste beer by Dogfish Head. DELICIOUS.

20140317-094223.jpg Once the rest of our group arrived, we went out to The Weary Traveler Freehouse for dinner and more drinks. The restaurant served super healthy food, which is good because I definitely needed some vegetables in my life at that point. I had a salad

20140317-094536.jpg And a Leffe

20140317-094624.jpg We spent most of our night at The Weary Traveler. After we finished eating, we played Horse Race, which involves betting on a card suit. If your suit wins, you give whatever number of drinks you bet on to another player or distribute them among multiple players. Hopefully my description of the game makes sense, haha!

20140317-094940.jpg We ended our night at a different bar. I was sad because they didn’t have green beer yet even though it was advertised on their wall. Every St. Patrick’s Day I’ve celebrated seriously lacked green beer… Maybe I’ll live my dream next year 🙂 Tonight I’m probably going to turn in early after my yoga class… Unless something else is going on tonight; I have trouble turning down fun things! After this weekend, I’ve decided that trying different beers is my new hobby. Which beer should I try next?!