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Life and Running Lately

I’ve been pretty bad about posting! I’m so sorry for that. School really threw me for a loop over the last week; five papers due in one week plus some extreme procrastination is just not conducive to keeping up with my blog. I guess I already slipped on my goal to be on top of my schoolwork 😉 Sunday was particularly bad because I had to do a ton of research on a topic that doesn’t interest me at all… Plus I accidentally overdosed on coffee. I was a wreck, I tell ya! Despite a crazy busy school week, I managed to fit in four workouts. I will post a Shamrock Shuffle training update as soon as possible! Speaking of running, I have an exciting announcement! I’m running a Ragnar Relay race in June! we are going from Madison, WI to Chicago. This race has been on my bucket list for AGES.

20140311-092307.jpg I also finally registered for the Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon. The races are on back to back weekends, so I’ll definitely need to make a creative training plan. A post or two will be dedicated to how I plan to train. In other news, I saw grass yesterday! The weather was in the FIFTIES!!!

20140311-093009.jpg My coworker wanted to know why I was taking a photo of dirty snow. Seeing grass is a momentous occasion! This is especially true because it’s going to snow 8 inches tonight 🙁 Oh, and this weekend I went to my BFF Britta’s birthday party! It was a fun time filled with tacos, Catching Fire, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and playing Charades! on my iPhone. Thank goodness my weekend wasn’t only made up of work and homework…

20140311-093523.jpg This classy drink reminds me of college, haha. My life last week basically consisted of typing a million pages on Microsoft Word, freaking out about internship stuff, working, and working out. At least I fit in exercise and a birthday party 😀 I’ll try to post tomorrow! Talk to you soon.