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Gratitude Friday – Pact App Review Edition

Hey, everyone! This has been such a crazy week with school and other items on my to-do list. Blogging took a couple day hiatus, but I really wanted to stop by and post because… IT’S GRATITUDE FRIDAY πŸ˜€ I wanted to do something a little different because most weeks lately have been pretty similar to one another (I blame this crappy weather) so, while I am grateful for everything in my life, I don’t want to bore you with a list that is identical to last week’s. The Pact app has taken a spot on my Gratitude List almost every week. I promised myself that I’d write a review about the app as soon as I earned $10. This week, I finally earned that amount of money! Note: I am not being compensated for this review; I just wanted to share how much I love the app with my readers πŸ™‚

20140307-072317.jpg I bet you’re wondering how long it took me to earn $10. As you can see, I’ve done 39 activities so far. I started using the app back in January. Considering that each workout is about 40 minutes on average for me, Pact can definitely not be a way for me to quit my day job (haha). It took about 2 months to earn $10. Is 2 months really worth $10? I say YES! For me, Pact is more about avoiding the loss of money, rather than making money. Plus, $10 is better than $0 πŸ™‚

20140307-073149.jpg Pact is set up in a way that allows you to wager how much you would lose if you skip working out or logging food. To get credit for a workout, you need to either use GPS to check in at the gym, use the motion detector to prove that you’re exercising for 30 minutes, or track distance using a partner app, like Map My Run. Similarly, users can earn money for tracking their food for 3 or more days each week. I use My Fitness Pal for this. Another part of the app that I haven’t tried yet is posting photos of fruits and vegetables and getting credit for healthy eating. My friend, Sara, uses this and earns extra money on the app by doing so. During the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Map My Run wouldn’t work and I did not get credit for my biggest workout of the year! This was on a Sunday, which is the last day for tracking. I was about to lose $5 even though I ran a half marathon! I contacted customer service and they gave me credit immediately. How awesome is that? Pact has exemplary customer service! Additionally, there have been many days when I would have skipped the gym, but didn’t thanks to Pact. Sure, $10 will only get me 2 footlong sandwiches from Subway, but now I’m undoubtedly physically fitter and have much less anxiety. Exercise benefits me in many ways. Plus, I am more mindful about what I eat because I am required to track my food 3 times a week (might up this to 4!). Overall, I LOVE Pact and would recommend it to anyone who is into working out. I’m grateful for how much Pact has motivated me in my fitness endeavors! Who else has tried Pact?