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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training: Week 4

I’m done with my fourth week of training! I can’t believe I kept up with an entire month of regular running. After 1.5 years of zero training motivation, I feel like my former 23-year-old marathon running self 🙂

Here is what I did:


Monday: Scheduled rest day

Tuesday: 4 mile run, .5 mile walk.  I only walked a half mile because I forgot to check in on Pact immediately after starting my workout.  This was probably a blessing in disguise because I can always stand to walk more 🙂

Note: DailyMile always rounds up the distance on the graph I posted above. I did a total of 4.5 miles on Tuesday, not 5 miles.

Wednesday: Scheduled rest day

Thursday: 7 x 400 sprints. These are feeling WAY easier than they did in during week 2 of training.  I did each sprint between an 8:00 and 9:00 pace; I could probably stay under 9:00/mile for each one next time 😀 I’m doing a tempo run tonight and I plan to pick up the pace a little more now that I feel myself getting stronger.

Friday: Scheduled rest day

Saturday: I reached 10,000 steps on my Fitbit without going to the gym, so I’m going to count this as cross-training. Feel free to snark at my hatred for exercising more than 3x/week, HAHA.  I promise to be a better cross-trainer this week… maybe.

Sunday: 5 mile long run! Out of the 6 people running on the gym treadmills, 3 of us were wearing Shamrock Shuffle T-shirts. How cute is that? I wonder if all of us are training for this year’s race.


This week’s long run is 6 miles, which will be my second longest run of the year. My longest run of 2014 was the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  Too bad I’ll probably run the 6 miles on the treadmill 😛