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March Goals

Happy Saturday! I don’t write many weekend posts, but today is March 1st! This is THE perfect day to write about my goals for the next month. When others are reading my blog, I am held fully accountable for my actions – or at least that’s how it feels 🙂 I only have three major goals for this month, but they all involve a relatively high level of dedication. Here they are: Stick to a serious budget. I want to significantly reduce how much I work starting in September (because of my clinical internship) so I’m putting myself on “serious saving mode.” I even typed up a grocery list via the Ziplist app. I plan to stick with whatever is on the list and purchase absolutely nothing else. Doesn’t sound very fun, but my bank account will be happy.

20140228-112409.jpg Another budget-related goal I have is to reduce the gas I use. I workout at school on my day off instead of schlepping all the way to my actual gym that’s further away from my apartment. I’d like to think making small efforts such as this one will save me money, but I’ll have to see 🙂 I’m thinking about taking public transportation instead of driving more often as well because I have an unlimited pass from school until May! PR at the Shamrock Shuffle 8k! Or at least try my best in training. A PR means beating my old time of 44:00 (an 8:51pace). This should be doable if I keep up with my training.

20140228-131557.jpg The race is on March 30th, which is pretty soon! So far, I’ve completed every single training run, but failed to cross-train most weeks. Soo, a sub-goal for me this month is to focus more on cross-training in addition to running. Stay on top of schoolwork. I can’t deal with my procrastination habit any longer, so I absolutely must continue to organize myself. School is getting busy and I need to fit in time to do homework. That’s really all I have for you. My main areas of focus in March are to save money, keep up with training/run my best possible Shamrock Shuffle 8k, and work hard in school. Who else has specific goals for this month?