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Another Friday of Gratitude

Good morning, everyone! Today I’m back with another edition of Gratitude Friday. I believe that life is better when I focus on its good parts, which is exactly what I’m trying to do in posts like these. Today is a long day at work, which is why I’m grateful for… … THE WEEKEND! Andy and I decided to do something new and exciting this weekend. We haven’t figured out exactly what we will do and I will be working a half day on Saturday, but I am definitely looking forward to an adventure once I’m done 🙂 I’m grateful that I won a contest at my gym to participate for FREE (normally only $10, but still…) in their “Lazy Man Triathlon.” This is basically a contest where gym members complete the Iron Man distance in six weeks. Everyone who logs the Iron Man distance receives a t-shirt!  I guess this means I need to start swimming more often 😛 I’m grateful that I’ve started to earn more money with PactA review is coming your way next week. Get excited! 20140227-170147.jpg   I’m grateful for my therapist! There’s such a stigma associated with being in therapy, but I’m a counselor in training so I definitely practice what I preach 🙂 Plus, I get counseling free with school. WINNER. It feels amazing to be not only taking physical care of myself, but mental care of myself as well. Nothing huge is going on with me, but I decided to see a therapist because everyone in my graduate program is recommended to do so. <- just in case anyone is concerned. I’m grateful to be more comfortable in my own skin than I was in the past. This probably deserves its own separate post, and I intend to write it in the near future.  Something happened today that reminded me of how far I’ve come in this department (even though I still have so far to go) 🙂 I’m grateful that this weather can be pretty sometimes. 20140227-170251.jpg I’m grateful that I earned 10 bonus stars at Starbucks, which allowed me to get a grande soy caramel macchiato for free (regularly around $5). I hate plain hot coffee from Starbucks (iced coffee is my fav) and it was 7 degrees outside, so it was a great day to cash in my reward 😀


Sorry that every single gratitude list includes coffee… I just really love it 😛

I’m grateful for cute animals – particularly my parents’ dogs, Sammy and Kelly.


I’ll just leave you guys with that cuteness. Have a great weekend!