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Some Gratitude to Ease my Bad Mood

See how I rhymed in the title of this post? I’m hilarious πŸ˜‰ A cloud has been hanging over my head this entire week, despite the fact that some AWESOME things happened. I’m really excited to tell you about them once I iron out some details (it could be a little while, though). The weather has been pretty grey, which always makes me sleepy and Tuesday’s events left a bad taste in my mouth. More importantly, I thought my Fitbit broke yesterday!

20140220-160427.jpg Look at that sad, blank screen πŸ™ I saw my dead Fitbit immediately after I finished a 3 mile run yesterday morning and may have shed a tear or two. Just kidding, but I almost really did cry. That’s AT LEAST 7,000 uncounted steps. Plus, I thought my Fitbit was completely broken and would never work again (I can be a bit of a drama queen when my stuff stops working). Sara is my go-to girl for advice on electronics and social media (she helped me get this blog self-hosted and everything!). Sara told me the battery probably just died. It turns out that Sara was right. I truly thought my Fitbit completely died because I only put in its old battery a month ago. The battery is supposed to last 4 months. So, I’m grateful that my Fitbit still works. Again, I’m a drama queen with major first world problems, but whatever πŸ™‚ I’m grateful that Andy and I had an awesome Valentine’s Day. I’m grateful to have such a full schedule. My free time is dwindling lately and it’s been really tough to write here/comment on other blogs. I was going to complain about this, but having so much to do can be super exciting. It means I have something to live for – what’s so bad about that? πŸ™‚ I’m grateful that the weather is slowly getting warmer. We had a 40 degree day this week and it made me so happy. Hell, I’ll take a 30 degree day at this rate! I’m even grateful that the snow was only an inch or two and easy to clean off my car this morning.

20140221-112001.jpg I’m grateful for my motivation to run. If you’ve read my posts about Shamrock Shuffle training , then you’ll notice that I’m not running very many miles and only 3 times per week. This is because I haven’t run 3 times per week in 1.5 years. Honestly, it’s all about personal progress – not being an elite runner. SO, basically, I’m proud of myself πŸ™‚ I’m grateful for making serious progress in my internship search this week. I definitely reached a milestone – I actually feel like I’m getting somewhere. Woohoo! I’m grateful for my dad. It was his birthday yesterday πŸ™‚ I’m so lucky to have such an amazing dad who is always there for me. I’m grateful that my boss brought us breakfast today.

20140221-113243.jpg I’m grateful for my volunteer work. This one has been on a previous Gratitude List, but still… I love the volunteer work that I do and always leave with a grin on my face. I work with a woman who has disabilities; we paint pictures together and have the best time. I might have to stop volunteering next Fall when I start my internship, so I’m trying to enjoy every last minute! I’m grateful to be off work this entire weekend. I can’t wait to relax and check some pesky items off my to-do list. TGIF!