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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training: Week 2

Hey, everyone! Today was so nuts that I didn’t have time to complete this post until now, which is why I’m putting it up so late.  I promised in my last post that I’d share my training progress today, and I never go back on my word 🙂 Compared to the first week of training, this one was pretty tough. Not only did the mileage increase, but I didn’t skip a single workout (minus my strength training session, which is to be expected most weeks… #cardioqueen). ShamrockWeek2 Monday: Scheduled rest day. Tuesday: 4 mile easy run. Wednesday: Scheduled rest day. Thursday: 6 x 400 sprints. Friday: Scheduled rest day. Saturday: 2 mile walk (cross-training). Sunday: 5 mile long run. I meant to do this outside on Saturday, but there was too much ice, which explains the 2 mile walk 🙂 Instead, I switched my long run to Sunday and ran the 5 miles on my favorite indoor track. 20140217-194044.jpg

I frequented this track when I first started running, but rarely go there now because it’s way out in the suburbs.

Eventually, I plan to cut out another rest day. My legs are surprisingly sore, so it’s a good idea for me to ease myself back into this whole training thing.  Training for an 8k before training for a half marathon was SUCH a good choice. I feel stronger and stronger every day, without having to run for too long.  I can’t wait to look back on my training and see how much I improve.