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Valentine’s Day and Other Events from my Weekend

Happy Presidents’ Day! I’m so happy to have the day off because I have a lot of work to catch up on for my class tonight. Sadly, my school is still in session, BUT our class is meeting online. Now I can stay in my pajamas 🙂 It’s getting to that lovely point in the semester where I feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day. Avoiding a running schedule was helpful last year because I had more time for socializing. Improving upon my running is a priority now and balancing a workout schedule with everything else has been more challenging than I previously imagined. This weekend was Valentine’s Day (as I’m sure you all know, haha!), and I made sure to push my work aside and enjoy the day as much as possible. Andy sent flowers to my work on Friday. It was such an awesome surprise! I didn’t expect that at all 😀

20140217-081745.jpg After work, I was instructed to meet at Andy’s apartment. He cooked me an amazing dinner: a fancy pasta dish and elaborate salad. A bottle of wine also played a part in our meal 🙂 It was wonderful to have a fancy and delicious dinner without having to venture out in the cold. I had to work on Saturday, but went straight back to Andy’s apartment that afternoon for Valentine’s Day Part 2. Andy suggested we see the Lego Movie and I was skeptical about whether or not it would be any good. Spoiler alert: IT WAS AWESOME!

20140217-083050.jpg (source) Sunday was filled with sleeping in, working on a school project, running, and grocery shopping. Now it’s time to really get to business. I plan to spend all day on school/internship work. We have a snow storm coming (again…) so I will not be leaving my apartment unless it’s absolutely necessary. Tomorrow I’ll post about last week’s workouts! Talk to you soon!