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Gratitude Friday – Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not usually super crazy about Valentine’s Day, but I’m feeling a little more in the spirit this year. Showing love towards others – regardless of whether or not you have a significant other – sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day.  Plus, rumor has it that we’re ordering heart shaped pizzas at work for lunch today 😀 Here are the people/things I love and am INCREDIBLY grateful for this Valentine’s Day: I have amazing people in my life. I forget sometimes to acknowledge how much I love my friends, family, and boyfriend. Thank you all for being here for me – whether you’re nearby or far away (shout out to Mrs. Drosselmeyer, who is all the way in Russia 😉 )

20140214-094004.jpg I’m grateful for the guy who drew a heart on my car and has some sort of surprise planned for tonight 😀

20140214-094114.jpg I’m grateful to have a car! This car is one of my biggest expenses lately, but I have to say that it’s completely worth not waiting for a bus in the frigid Chicago air. I’m grateful that class was canceled yesterday! My classmates and I went out instead and it was way too much fun. I’m also grateful that there are so many different kinds of beer. I’m not a beer expert, so it’s great to get recommendations from someone who is 🙂

20140214-094806.jpg I’m grateful for the Olympics. Nothing is more exciting to me than COMPETITION! And FIGURE SKATING! It’s Christmas in February, people! I’m grateful for running. My goodness, it feels GOOD to be back on a running schedule. I have more energy, feel better about my health, and have a more purposeful way to spend my free time. I’m grateful for the multitude of opportunities I have been afforded to wear tutus throughout my life. This is IMPORTANT 😉

20140214-095723.jpg I’m grateful for coffee. Best. Beverage. Ever. Sorry, beer, but coffee (especially iced coffee) will always have a special place in my heart <3 20140214-100148.jpg I’m grateful for the roof over my head and amazing landlords. I’m grateful that my job is fun most of the time. I have some of the coolest coworkers. Today we are all wearing red and eating heart shaped food. Can’t beat that!

20140214-101733.jpg This is my version of a “red dress” (had to wear a red shirt because my one red dress is definitely not work appropriate) #notfashionable I’m grateful to have MY life and no one else’s. Sure, I’m not perfect and am definitely not where I thought I’d be by the age of 25, but what I have instead is so much better than anything I previously imagined. I think the best way to achieve happiness is to be in love with your life. I’m grateful that I work hard to make my life the way I want it to be EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yay, love! Yay, life!