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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training: Week 1

My first out of EIGHT training weeks for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k  is COMPLETE! I told you guys that I’d be reporting about workouts every Monday, but I think Tuesdays are better. This is mostly because I’d rather talk about my weekend on Mondays 🙂 SSTraining If I said that I finished every single workout on my training plan this week, then I’d be lying.  I missed a cross-training session, didn’t strength train, and had to cut one of my runs short due to time-constraints. Despite my incomplete week of training, I feel really good about the training I did manage to fit into my schedule.  Traveling to Milwaukee salted my game a little, but I still was able to fit in my long run this weekend when I arrived home to Chicago. To be completely honest, I have not followed any kind of training plan since I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2012.  After running billions of miles every week (exaggeration, but you know what I mean!), I was incredibly burned out on running. Basically, this is my first official training plan in 1.5 years!  I expect some major results from committing to a plan because I have actually PRed without one in past races. After college, I devoted a significant amount of time to my training because my only responsibility was my full-time job. Now, my worries are spread out into many different areas (like a real grownup, haha), which I feel makes it more difficult to buckle down and run.  At least, that’s how it is for me. Despite a busy week of work, classes, and travel, I managed to run three times last week.  Here is what I did: ShamrockWeek1 Monday: Scheduled rest day (work all day and class at night) Tuesday: 30 minute tempo run Wednesday: Fail. I missed my cross-training session and figured I’d make it up on Friday, which is when I was set to work all day and then drive to Wisconsin (AKA cross-training just was NOT going to happen last week). Thursday: easy 2.3 mile run that was supposed to be an easy 3 mile run. Had an appointment that morning and would have been late if I kept running. Better than nothing! Friday: See Wednesday’s entry 😛 Saturday: Does shopping count as cardio? Sunday: 4 mile long run – great success! As you can see, last week’s training was pretty lackluster.  I’m still proud of attempting all three of my scheduled runs 😀 This week of training is much more intense! Can’t wait to report about it next Tuesday!