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Weekend in Milwaukee

My friends and I had a fabulous time in Milwaukee last weekend. With a baby in tow, we decided to keep things low key. We spent most of the time hanging out and eating, which are luckily a couple of my favorite activities 🙂 Sara introduced Brigit and me (both vegetarians!) to a restaurant with many meat free options. If anyone ever visits Milwaukee, I highly recommend Beans and Barley. I had an orange/carrot juice, which was delicious!


I also ordered a hummus and veggie wrap. 20140210-164428.jpg Never have I ever felt like such a fancy/healthy person… … Until I ate this frozen custard waffle cone 😉


Blurry pic, but amazing Wisconsin dairy product. 

We watched a good portion of the Olympics in Milwaukee, which I also talked Andy (formerly known as “Mr. A,” but we’ve decided to refer to him by his real name on the blog now) into watching yesterday when I got back to Chicago. I’m GLUED to the TV as much as possible these days.  I was a figure skater in high school, so the Winter Olympics are totally my jam.  Actually, I’m planning write an entire post about my ice skating experience in honor of the Olympics.

Aside from eating and TV watching, Brigit, Sara, and I spent Saturday afternoon shopping. Brigit needed her bridesmaid dress for Sara’s upcoming wedding.  We didn’t end up finding anything in the right color, but it was still fun to look.  Shopping for other people is so much more enjoyable to me than shopping for myself. It was great to bond with my awesome girlfriends and spend an extended period of time with Brigit’s baby (SUCH A CUTIE, but keeping photos off the blog to protect her privacy).  This was such a relaxing weekend, but now I’m exhausted! Travel takes a lot out of me; I definitely plan to get myself to sleep early tonight.