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Gratitude Friday

Guess what? Gratitude lists will now (officially) take place every Friday! I can’t think of a better day to reflect on the things I love about my current place in life. Let Gratitude Friday BEGIN! I’m grateful that I’m spending this weekend in Milwaukee, WI with some of my very favorite people. My good friends, Sara and Tim, live in Milwaukee and every time I visit them feels like a vacation. My other friends, Brigit, Iris, and Dave, will join me on the 1.5 hour journey from Chicago. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE! I’m grateful for my fellow grad students! Two classmates and I have dinner together every Thursday. I love talking through the challenges we are all facing and comparing notes. We also gossip about things that are unrelated to school 🙂 I’m grateful for randomly having Play-Doh in my trunk. We practiced play therapy yesterday in my youth counseling class. I totally forgot to bring toys, but I luckily found some! They were left in my trunk from another event TWO YEARS AGO.

20140207-103215.jpg That’s my “oogly,” which is supposed to represent ME. Hmmm… I don’t know about that. Maybe this method only works for kids, haha. I’m grateful that tax returns exist. Need. New. Clothes. I don’t even want to go clothes shopping “for fun.” I actually NEED clothes because most of the ones I own are falling apart. Some of the money I get back will DEFINITELY fund a shopping trip (the rest is going straight into my savings account!) I’m too cheap to do too much shopping with my “actual” money 😛 Similarly, I’m grateful for thrift shops. I found a nice pair of work pants for TWO DOLLARS the other day. Poppin’ tags… (Yes, I’m really dorky)

20140207-104104.jpg I’m grateful that I perfected my vegetarian stir fry recipe.

20140207-104603.jpg I can’t decide if this photo makes the stir fry look delicious or gross, but whatever. I’m grateful that I can drink my veggies when I need to. sometimes preparing proper meals is out of the question due to time constraints/my preference to do things that are more fun 🙂

20140207-105750.jpg I’m grateful that it’s Friday! Life is always better when I get Saturdays off from work (RARE for me!) now I get to enjoy uninterrupted time with friends! Who else is feeling grateful today?!