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Fitbit Zip Review

Now that I’ve been consistently using my Fitbit for about two weeks, I feel ready to express my feelings towards the device.  For those of you who do not know, a Fitbit is a fancy pedometer/fitness tool that syncs with smart phones.  I suppose I should note that I’m not being compensated for this review; I just figured some readers may be thinking about purchasing a Fitbit and are curious about whether or not it has features that are worth the money. I received a Fitbit Zip free of cost after winning a fitness contest at work at the end of 2013. The Zip retails for $59.95 and is the least expensive Fitbit product.


Sorry my Fitbit looks so dirty in this photo 😛

Let’s start with what I like about the Fitbit. The positive aspects of the Fitbit, without a doubt, outweigh the negative aspects.  In fact, I thought of many more positive comments than negative ones to include in my review. First of all, I’ve realized that I’m much less active than I thought. Running a few times a week does not make me a generally active person.  I also eat more calories than I burn (Fitbit allows users to track their food intake). With the Fitbit, I am able to keep in mind that I need to take a break from sitting and walk around – whether it’s at home or at work.  I’m able to be more mindful about the food I’m shoveling into my mouth on a regular basis, too. I started parking my car further away from my destination.  Reaching my goal of 10,000 steps is so much easier when I make little efforts throughout the day.  Taking the stairs is really not too difficult, but makes a huge difference when it comes to fitting in steps.  I got in an extra 1,000 steps simply by walking from the third floor of a parking garage and through a large building when I could have parked much closer to a different entrance. I feel way more excited about my Shamrock Shuffle trainingHaving not only a time goal for my race, but a daily goal of exceeding 10,000 steps makes every workout seem that much more worth it. Competing with friends is way too much fun. I don’t have many Fitbit friends because not many of my friends have a Fitbit.  Despite this, I still love competing with my 3 friends to see who moves the most throughout a seven day period.  Side note: if anyone here has a Fitbit, I’d love to be friends! Contact me and we will figure out how to find each other. I’ve lost a couple pounds since using Fitbit! As I previously mentioned, there is a food tracking tool that comes with the Fitbit app, which is pretty similar to Lose It! or MyFitnessPal. According to my doctor, I gained about 5 pounds over the course of last year (I blame being in a new relationship… or just my own laziness/love for pizza) and 1 inch to my waistline. Neither of these physical changes put me close to the “overweight” category, but they definitely put me on track to arrive at that point.  Fitbit has been a quick and effective way for me to nip my unhealthy habits in the bud! The clip truly does not allow for the Fitbit to fall off. I had a pedometer once and it fell off ALL THE TIME.  The Fitbit stays attached to my clothes very well and I never have to worry about losing it. The Fitbit Zip comes in cool colors. I wish mine was hot pink instead of plain black, but it was free so I can’t really complain. Reaching 10,000 steps is incredibly rewarding. Seeing my goals in the “green zone” makes me so happy. 20140203-180240.jpg   I now feel positive about having to go back into my apartment if I forget something in the morning. Like I said, every step counts now that I have a Fitbit and I feel less annoyed with backtracking or having to take the long way to get somewhere. Now, onto what I believe are the negative aspects of the Fitbit. The Fitbit is truly just a pedometer, BUT it’s a convenient pedometer. I could very well track my calories elsewhere and buy a regular pedometer that still gets the job of tracking my steps done for $10 instead of spending $59.95 on a Fitbit. I’ve become slightly obsessive over fitting in a certain number of steps. This is not exactly Fitbit’s fault, but I truly feel down on myself when I don’t hit at least 6,000 steps in one day.  I’m wondering if users engage in excessive social comparison due to the constant competition with friends. It feels like I can never take a break from being super active. Have I mentioned that the Fitbit is pretty expensive? At nearly $60 for the CHEAPEST ONE, I know for a fact that I would never have become a first-time Fitbit owner through the use of my own bank account (remember, I won my Fitbit Zip in a contest at work). This being said, now that I have a Fitbit, I would probably buy a replacement if it broke.  If I continue using the device with the enthusiasm I have for it now, the hefty price tag would be worth it to me. The Fitbit has a 365 day warranty, by the way! Overall, I love my Fitbit. Sure, it’s kind of a fancy pedometer that connects to my iPhone, but I truly enjoy using it. Who else has a Fitbit? What kind? Is anyone thinking about buying a Fitbit?