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Getting Myself Organized

I probably mentioned before that I thrive on a busy schedule. Last semester was pretty slow for me, which lead me to procrastinate on the majority of my work. I spent 75% of the semester enjoying a plethora of free time and 25% of it freaking out over fitting a few months of my work into a few weeks. I read somewhere that people who have more on their to-do lists are more motivated. This feels exceptionally true for me! This semester, my classes involve more reading and papers AND I’m applying for next year’s practicum/internship. I also work, have relationships to nurture, do weekly volunteer work, and aspire to stick with my Shamrock Shuffle training plan. With a little more on my plate (probably not as much as many of you out there, but it feels like a lot to me!), I realized that my organizational skills need some fine tuning. I’m pretty awful at using calendars and usually only keep a running to-do list in my head. This sounds ineffective, but it’s actually worked for me through college, work, and grad school. I’ve never missed an assignment! The polar vortex (negative temperatures here in Chicago!) kept me inside yesterday, which allowed me to stay in footie pajamas and get my life together (while watching New Girl, HAHA).

20140129-084633.jpg I added all of my assignments to my Google calendar. I like that I can send reminders right to my phone. That way, I’ll get a warning for when I should start each project. My Shamrock Shuffle training plan is written out on an Excel spreadsheet, where I can easily see the workouts I need to do in order to meet my time goal. I also made a spreadsheet for my upcoming internship. Finally, I wrote out a new to-do list for this week. I love crossing off different tasks! My workouts used to be optional, but now I am making them a priority. Meeting goals requires real commitment. I commit to my schoolwork because I want to maintain good grades, come to work on time because I want to keep my job, so I should obviously stick with exercising regularly to keep my health in check 🙂 Despite never missing an assignment, my procrastination has gotten in my way. When I have to cram 30 pages of paper writing/research into a few days, my workouts suffer. So, basically this is my attempt at balancing school, work, volunteering, health, relationships, and finding an internship. I don’t want to give up any of these things at any point in the semester. My goal is to stay on top of my game. I want it all!

20140129-115236.jpg Let’s see if my calendars, spreadsheets, and to-do lists help me reduce stress and accomplish everything! I’ll report back in early May 🙂 Disclosure: this is obviously not my attempt to help others get organized because I’m the most disorganized person I’ve ever met. It is only to help me stay on task and not procrastinate!