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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training

Can I just say that I’m PUMPED to have an actual training plan to follow for the first time in, well, I can’t remember how long… My motivation is at an all-time low without having workouts scheduled that will help me reach a certain goal.  I keep wondering why my half marathon times are consistently getting slower, and the answer is pretty obvious.   Since I haven’t followed a training plan in a long time, I think it’s great to start with an 8k training plan rather than a half marathon training plan. This is simply due to the shorter, less overwhelming, workouts that can be done on a treadmill. With Chicago’s weather reaching the negatives more often than I’d like and ice never wanting to melt, it’s good to have the option to complete most runs indoors. I don’t mind the dreadmill as much as most people 🙂 SSTraining   I wrote up a plan that will work with my personal schedule, current level of fitness, and goal for the race.  I don’t think you would all care to read a spreadsheet explaining each and every workout, but I’ll give you a sample of the type of training I plan to do.

  • Run 3 days per week
  • Cross-train once a week
  • Strength train once a week (probably on a day that I do a shorter run)

Each run will be a little different.  I like to do one short run, one long run, and one fast run. My knees refuse to handle more than three runs every week, so I’ll try to make my cross-training days easy and about 45 minutes-1 hour long.  I want to incorporate yoga as well, but school is getting too crazy for me to make the hike over to the gym another day. If I can fit it in, I definitely will, though! Plus, if I’m particularly stressed or sore, it might be a good idea to replace cross-training with yoga one week. I’m pretty flexible about my workouts as long as I’m up and moving. I’m kind of disappointed because I thought the race was 8 weeks from today, but it’s actually 9 weeks away.  The plan is only 8 weeks long, but I’ll try to do a few runs this week just because I’m eager to start training! I took the week off of running last week after the Tinker Bell Half.  I firmly believe in taking a zero week after a tough race – mostly for my own sanity. It’s just what works for me to prevent burnout. After a week of not running, I’m ready to get back in the game. shamrock1   I’m so excited to run my absolute favorite race this year, and be well-prepared for it! Last year, I PRed without training and finished in 44:00. It’s a pattern in my life to wonder what I can do when I actually try at running, at least lately… I’ve been lazy about creating training plans and actually sticking to them. This time, I have a blog to keep me accountable. I’ll recap my workouts every Monday and let you know how I’m doing on the road to meeting my goal of PRing the Shamrock Shuffle again this year. Gotta stay motivated!