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Weekend in the South Suburbs

This weekend, Mr. A and I wanted to do something other than our usual marathon watching How I Met Your Mother episodes and eating frozen pizza.  We debated going out to a bar nearby, attending a birthday party to which we would need to take a cab, or reuniting with a few of our friends at a bar near Mr. A’s hometown. Of course, we chose option 3 :).  Fun fact: I met Mr. A through my college friends, who were his high school friends, which is the group we met up with last night. The plan was to surprise one of our friends, Brittany, who is a bartender, at the bar she works at.  Luckily, the bar was pretty crowded and we were able to blend in quite well until the whole group arrived – she was so surprised!  It was also lucky that we found a table big enough for our group of 7 people.  Brittany even made me a flight of mini martinis! martiniflight   I had the Cosmo, Bluberry, and Lemon Drop. The Cosmo was clearly ordered only due to my all-time favorite show, Sex and the City (the main characters regularly drink cosmopolitans). We planned to stay out pretty late last night, but those plans fell through.  Mr. A and I went over to his parents’ place around 11pm because they offered to host us for the evening.  It was great to catch up with Mr. A’s family; I hadn’t seen them since Christmas!  We wound up hanging out until 2pm today because we just couldn’t stop talking 🙂 After a 45 minute drive home, I made a beeline to Starbucks because I have SO much grad school work to do.  Starbucks is super popular on Sunday afternoons, apparently. Check out that drive through line! starbucksdrivethroughline I meant to spend more time working on everything, but the weekend got away from me. It was so worth it, though, because I had a blast hanging out with so many old friends. It’s incredibly rare for us to all be together – we were even missing a few of our group members last night.  Plus, I still finished a few crucial things that needed to get done… and class is canceled tomorrow due to yet another polar vortex in Chicago.  Time for another cold week!