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Can I just say that it is not very much fun going from this… 20140123-182719.jpg … To this 20140102-130637.jpg (Recycled picture, I know, but Chicago still looks like that) I’m officially ready for summer. Scarves, boots, and sweaters were exciting until around New Year’s Day, but I’m definitely over winter at this point – especially because Chicago is about to experience even more freezing cold weather. Bring on the fruity drinks and flip flops; I’m ready! Coming back to Chicago means that it’s time for me to get back to business. Internship applications are due soon, which involve extra work on top of my job and three grad school classes.  I met with a career adviser at school to go over my resume, and I’m so glad I did! The worries I had over what to include in my resume are gone now and replaced by the daunting task of redoing the entire thing.  At least I know exactly what to do now 🙂 Work and school are crazy as always, but I thrive on a busy schedule.  I’m one of those people who needs to be constantly doing something, so packing my days with activities is an absolute must.  Today is my regular day off and I barely sat down once.  This can be seen on my NEW FITBIT! I wore it at work yesterday and didn’t even make 3,000 steps. To be fair, I only started using it at 11:00AM, but still. Having the day off and doing so many things already has me on track to make it up to 10,000 steps, which is my daily goal.  Yay for new fitness toys! 20140123-183322.jpg Completing the Tinker Bell Half Marathon gave me a renewed love for running and fitness in general, but having a Fitbit is the icing on the cake – especially because I won it through a contest I participated in last November. Free stuff makes my day. See you guys tomorrow for another Gratitude List 🙂