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Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend – Part 2

Our next day in California called for a little pre-race celebration at Disney California Adventure. We got up around 7:45am, which is actually 9:45am Chicago time! I could totally get used to that kind of time change 😉 I was adamant about making it to the continental breakfast and we wanted to arrive at the park close to the time it opened.

20140120-155719.jpg California Adventure looked just like Disneyland did when I was little, meaning that Disneyland was probably just divided into two separate parks since I’d last visited. One of my aunts lives in CA so I have definitely visited Disneyland a few times, but not in YEARS. It felt good to be back 🙂 We started off with a drawing class. I love art and like to think I’m a good artist, so this was a BLAST. We were the first group in, which meant that we got to draw Mickey Mouse.



20140120-160425.jpg Sara’s Mickey looks amazing! We did a ton of rides, including my new favorite: California Screamin’ … I love rollercoasters! The ferris wheel was actually scarier than the roller coaster; we picked a swinging car that was VERY swingy (there was also an option not to have a swinging car). The scariest part was the lack of seatbelts. I enjoyed the view immensely, however 😉

20140120-160844.jpg Standing in line wasn’t as bad as I remember. I suppose 15 years can make a difference in one’s maturity level – even mine, haha.

20140120-161022.jpg Look at us! So happy to be in line together! We ended our evening around 8pm after having overpriced Disney spaghetti that was actually REALLY GOOD. I suppose the price is justified 🙂 I was in bed by 9:30pm and up the next day to run 13.1 miles at 3am! With an early flight to catch this morning, a half marathon, and two full days at the parks I’m BEAT. I’ll put up Part 3 tomorrow, which will mostly be a recap of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon!