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My First Gratitude List

Hello from San Francisco! I’m on my way to L.A. and had the urge to express my gratitude (see this entry for why I want to make this a habit). This isn’t exactly my first gratitude list ever, but it is my first gratitude list on this particular blog.ย  Ideally, I hope to post about the things I am grateful for in this lovely life of mine once each week.ย  I can’t decide whether to pick a specific day to designate as a “gratitude day” or just write the list when I’m in a grateful mood.ย  We’ll see how it goes, I suppose ๐Ÿ™‚ This week my gratitude will mainly focus on TRAVEL. I’m grateful that the San Francisco airport has free wifi because now I get to type this post. I’m grateful for my friend, Sara. She helped me set up Mel’s Miles and motivated me to register for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. Now I get to travel to California in the dead of a horrible Chicago winter AND report on the experience through this very blog. What an awesome friend! I’m grateful for airplanes because they’ve helped me travel to some amazing places. And I’m grateful for airports; I love how clean and organized they are compared to my apartment. Travel in general is just pretty great, for obvious reasons, but also because it gives me a reason to sort through my belongings and organize myself when I would otherwise avoid doing so. 20140117-095134.jpg I’m grateful that Mr. A volunteered to drop me off and pick me up from the airport. I picked the cheapest flights ever (aside from free ones, haha), which means they have THE WORST layovers/departure and arrival times. I’m grateful for GymPact. Without it, I would have completely skipped my workout yesterday. This is obviously has nothing to do with travel, but it definitely got me moving despite the packing I had left to do. Normally, I’d use packing as an excuse not to exercise, but look at me now! I exercised AND packed ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m grateful for yoga pants. My BIG question of the day is WHY do people dress nicely when traveling? Why not be comfy and put on nicer clothes once you arrive at your destination? Especially when you take a 4 hour flight like I did today. Yoga pants for the win! I’m grateful for my Camelbak water bottle. As a budget-conscious individual, I refuse to spend money on water in most situations (unless I buy the bottles in a big bulk, which I admit can be convenient…). Everything at airports is a rip off so it feels good to fill my empty water bottle for FREE. 20140117-100536.jpg I’m grateful for my iPad, which allowed me to type up a few school assignments on my 4 hour flight to SF. I’m also grateful for my iPhone because I didn’t need to print out my boarding pass! Yikes, I’m turning into an advertisement for Apple products! I’m grateful that the airport employees didn’t notice that my backpack is technically too big to be considered a “personal item.” Totally got away with that one. Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon about this one! I’m grateful for my family because they are excited for me to go on this awesome trip… despite the fact that I am paying out of pocket for grad school and need to be pretty diligent about budgeting. To that I say: “YOLO.” ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel amazing after writing all of that down! Seriously, everyone go express your gratitude to someone NOW! Or leave a comment about what you’re thankful for today. This really works; I can’t stop smiling!